Cannabis-relevant trivia for fiction writer

Hello! I tried to create a separate topic/thread for this, but the system won’t let me (I assume because I’m new.) I’m posting here because this thread is the most recent and seems pretty relevant…

My name is Sara. I’m a fiction writer, looking for some realistic details for the backstory of one of my characters. It isn’t a major part of the book, but I want the couple of scenes where we see his memories to be accurate and realistic. I’m hoping some people on here will help me out by answering a couple of questions and maybe also giving me some fun details/jargon/slang etc. that I can include. :slight_smile:

My two specific questions are these:

  1. My character is a college student now, about 20 years old. I’m wanting his backstory to include him having helped out on his parents’ farm (in Michigan) before coming to college at age 18. I’m guessing it probably isn’t legal for a minor to work on a weed farm, but is it realistic it could have happened anyway on a family owned farm?

  2. My character is deathly afraid of spiders. I know from my research to date that marijuana is a very sensitive crop and is grown under very careful conditions, even when grown outdoors. I want to have a memory/dream scene where he encounters a big spider while working on the farm–is this reasonable, or are insects/arachnids so carefully controlled he likely wouldn’t have encountered one?

And again, I’d love any other details or fun facts that would help make these flashback/memory scenes as realistic and fun as possible.

Thank you!!

~Sara Blake

  1. Its not only probable but likely. Though it would be illigal. Given your stated location and age of subject its likely an illigal grow to begin with though. Now you could take several routes with that. I personally worked on an indoor grow(breifly) as a young teen for my dads 1% motorcycle club. They were very protective of me and would have beat my ass for smoking it tho… weird huh?

  2. It was a basement grow. Saw wolf spiders all the time. Guys said dont kill them cause they kept the pests that were harmful to the weed away. No idea if thats true or not but made sense and i dont kill spiders in my grow now 40 yrs later.

Hope this helps.


Oh, the wolf spider thing is fantastic info–thank you!! And good–I figured with a family farm it would be likely they’d make him help out some doing menial tasks, even if they did keep a close eye on him lol! :wink:

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Welcome to the community ! Good luck with your book.

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Excellent, thank you! :smiley:

Perhaps your character can come at if from a different direction. Instead of the family back 40 growing weed, it is a gorilla grow deeply hidden in a clear spot of a forest. This will let you pull in any indigenous critter you like and it be very plausible.
The grow doesn’t need to be an acre, just a few plants he does on the side when not helping in the family greenhouse business.
Whew. That’s it. I’m spent! :rofl: :joy: :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face: :grinning:
Good luck @SaraB

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