Cannabis Related Books - Free to download online

I was cleaning out my laptop’s hard drive, I found a file, listing about 70 books (cannabis-related) that you can download online free and I thought we all can use a book or two, even for those seasoned cannabis growers. There are about 70 books on this listing. Some books over 200+ pages and some books are just 10+/- pages (it varies).
Please follow these steps.

  1. **download ** the file: index of cannabis ebook.jpg

  2. After download the file, rename the file extension from jpg to pdf. (index of cannabis ebook.jpg to index of cannabis ebook.pdf) ** If you get the warning message, ignore it and hit “Yes”
    3)Open “index of cannabis ebook.pdf” with any browser.

  3. If you are interested in reading a particular book!click on the book and you will be direct to the download link.

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If download file, rename the file extension, etc. doesn’t work, here are the listing of the books that you can download

Index of Free Cannabis eBooks

  1. Adverse Effects of Marijuana
  2. Albuquerque HL - Indoor Cannabis Garden Guide
  3. A Population Based Case Control Study of Marijuana Use and Head and Neck Squamous Cell CarcinomaBasic Soil Grow Guide
  4. Beginner Guide to Growing Grass
  5. Big Book of Buds
  6. Biology of Marijuana - From Gene to Behavior
  7. Book of Grass - An Anthology on Indian Hemp
  8. Bulldog Cafe - Plant Abuse
  9. Cannabis Alchemy
  10. Cannabis - Strain Base
  11. Cannabinoids as Therapeutics
  12. Cannabinoids - Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
  13. Cannabis - Marijuana & Hashish
  14. Cannabis - The Truth is Out
  15. Cannabis Use and Cognitive Decline in Persons Under 65
  16. Closet Growing - The Easy Way
  17. CO2 - Temperature and Humidity
  18. Curing Marijuana
  19. Dopequest - Cannabis Growing Guide
  20. Dr Chronics Seed Selector
  21. Drug Testing FAQ
  22. Endocannabinoids - The Brain and Bodies Marijuana and Beyond
  23. For the Everyday Closet Farmer
  24. George Mayfield - Green Harvest
  25. Greg Green - The Cannabis Grow Bible
  26. Grey Zone - Cannabis Practices in Europe
  27. Grow Guide - Pruning and Training
  28. Growing Elite
  29. High Culture - Marijuana in the Lives of Americans
  30. How to be a Pot Star Like Me - Chris Eudalay
  31. How To Grow Marijuana Hydroponically
  32. How to Grow Medicinal Marijuana - Todd McCormick
  33. How To - Hydroponics - Keith Roberto
  34. Hydroponics - The Basics
  35. Hydroponic Suppliers Worldwide
  36. Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Guide Version 1.0
  37. Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Guide Version 1.2
  38. Jack Herer - The Emperor Wears No Clothes
  39. Joys of a Herb Garden at Home - Life Magazine Article (1969)
  40. Mahmoud A. ElSohly - Marijuana and the Cannabinoids
  41. Marijuana and Medicine
  42. Marijuana and the Bible
  43. Marijuana Exposure in Animals
  44. Marijuana Garden Saver
  45. Marijuana Myths
  46. Marijuana Myths & Marijuana Facts
  47. Marijuana Recipes
  48. Marijuana Strains Description
  49. Medicinal Cannabis Recipe Book
  50. Mellow Grow - Herb Garden
  51. On Being Stoned - Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication
  52. Oregon Medical Marijuana Guide
  53. Oxyplus Usage Table
  54. pH Meter and CF Meter
  55. Pipe Dreams Hydroponic System Manual
  56. Positions of Religious Groups that Support Medical Marijuana
  57. Pot Puzzle Fun Book
  58. Proper Meditative Use of Marijuana
  59. Pruning Marijuana
  60. Pruning Tips for Marijuana Plants
  61. Quick Hydroponic Garden Set Up
  62. Robert C Clarke - Marijuana Botany - An Advanced Study
  63. Rockwool - The Book
  64. Sexing Cannabis Seeds
  65. Silica Additive
  66. Smokeless Marijuana
  67. Strain Origins
  68. Talking with your Kids about Marijuana
  69. Targeting CB2 cannabinoid receptors
  70. THC Marijuana Potency
  71. The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis

F’n sweet deal man! The more you know the better! I have around ten. This is an excellent edition. Thanks so much!
68 will be my must read. I just grow and smoke. They know what’s up but I don’t ever say anything directly lol


@RandomlyRan; I agreed. we never stop learning. I have many more, most recent books, but I don’t know how to share it here. The file extension .pdf isn’t one of the file format that I can upload. The email can’t share here either. But, I will think of something soon. All my latest books in cloud, so maybe I can post direct link to cloud storage and post the link here… something like that.


Are you on the lab?

No, I am not.

Thank you! Awesome selections! Much appreciated! Oh, pot puzzle fun book :grin:

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It seems that your fine. So go for it if you want to.

B Safe


@garrigan62 I am sorry… May I ask you what should I go for it? Referring to join the lab or upload my other collection of books?

So respectful. @garrigan62 is the man.


hat page is already in my file of growing Marijuana what you need to know

Thank You


Thank you for all that valuable info, I bookmarked it and do appreciate the info you provided to forum members. Have a great day !


More links to download cannabis-related books.
I hope the links I post below works. All these books stored in my google drive and it is the first time I shared the links with others, so Let me know if the download doesn’t work.
Enjoy the books!

Cannabis-Related Rerence Books

Cannabis Cookbooks and more


@garrigan62 Thank you for your blessing!

@St.0n3r @Kenken @RandomlyRan You mentioned before that you are interested in this. So I am tagging you guys if you didn’t see this post. Enjoy it and when you learn something valuable, please share it with other members at ILGM, specially for those new to growing marijuana can use any help they can get (me included :grinning:). * You can scroll up to find the links.


Thanks @THCCBD i will read them

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Thanks so much for this. I’m less than a year back in to this hobby (now that it’s legal) after being away for a couple of decades. I’m a long way from getting caught back up, this will help.


You are welcome! Enjoy it!


I’m glad to hear your back and ready to go … right on. To let you know. Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our awesome community.
everyone here will help you to get back in and I to will be herew. Just tag and we’ll be there as soon S WE CAN … OK?



Adding my thanks as well! Domo!

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Arigato mr. Roboto, Domo.