Cannabis plant no signs of sex

Hi guys have had my plants in flower going on two weeks now . And no signs of gender do some strains take longer. Do females take longer to show than males or ■■■■ versa? Help panicking a bit lol.

Pics of the sex area would help a lot.

How about a couple pics , how old were your plants when switched week three is when budding really picks up pace but you should be seeing a few pistols by now

Any chance you can get a couple close ups of nodes (where the leaf hits the branch?

Ideally, the best thing to do is get a closeup with natural light. The blurple really sucks for imaging.


Sometimes they take a while.
But I’ve never had them take 2 weeks.

Check your timers.
Check for light leaks or any ambient light in the tent (electronics or power strips with leds).

That looks awesome! Good news woke up this morning saw my first few white hairs!


I have 8 plants 3-4 months old and a couple feet tall. Looking good but no evidence of gender??