Cannabis Pain Salve Experimentation


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Use 14g Grade A nugs or up to 28grams Grade A trim for the recipe above!


I just got some vegetable glycerin and I’m looking into doing an extraction into it for sublingual droppers and for possibly a vape pen.

Betty when you use sub lingually are the effects like smoking or more like eating? I don’t like eating much so far… I get heavily sedated and limbs heavy eith little head euphoria


When I decarb for budder & edibles, I use a covered mason jar in a pressure cooker. It decarbs & extracts, at the same time.


Great idea, that’s one of the changes I’m going to make - do the decarb and extract at same time.


It’s like edibles, except the effect is almost instantaneous. I try to evaporate off a nice bit of the everclear, or else it really burns the mouth. The tincture has the color of honey, and the viscosity of heavily sugared water.


Plus, hardly any smell in the house, that way.


Btw, the potato ricer is genius! Absolute genius. Here I am, using a potato masher to press out the cheesecloth, when I could be using a ricer! Game changer, right there!



For years I’ve seen movies of kids eating brownies anf giggling hysterically all day, not me, Im on the couch miserable that my limbs are too heavy to move and I’m not stoned enough in my head to enjoy being a immobile object.

My next experiments with edibles will be doing a very short extraction, hopefully having no THC convert into CBN (cannabinol or whatever, this conversion is where I read all the head euphoria of tHC changes into sedation of CBN. I’ve mainly done long Crock-Pot extractions to ensure I get all the goodies out but now I wonder if I didn’t do that would i have a less sedated and more enjoyable edible experience


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Yes the ricer paid for itself immediately, my first time I squeezed and wrung cheesecloth by hand and i had streams of oil running in all directions getting wasted.

Squeeze once, unwrap the cheese cloth and kinda redistribute the pulp, and squeeze again like the dickens


Edibles don’t affect my body like that. If anything, they make me vibrate with energy, and I get really super chatty. Smoking tends to make me just want to veg out with my thoughts.

Crazy how differently it affects us, huh? :grinning:

So, when I said tincture acts like edibles, for me, I meant it gives me mostly a head high with a body rush.


No kidding. I want very badly for edibles to work for the health of dosing and ease / economy of multiple doses a day.


A lot of people on here make cannacaps. They decarb herb & pop it into capsules. Some make canna oil and pop it into capsules. Not sure if those 2 ways would cause a different reaction for you than normal edibles, but could be something to look into.

You could decarb a gram, then eat it without farther processing to see how it’d affect you


Myself I make cannabutter for edibles (brownies)Thats all I know how to make. for tintures I use the Kohsher food grade glycerin and for the creams I use the cocanut butter bees wax for thickening and blue emu for consistancy, I decarb for everything.


Im decarbing and eating a gram tonight! :joy::joy::joy:


Report back with your very scientific findings!


I just made a big batch of tincture. I’m going to heat up some blue emu and add in a couple of tablespoons. Thanks for the thread. Great idea.


Great topic here. I haven’t tried any of these yet as I’m still working on getting started and no dispensaries here yet. But my mom and dad would love anything topical. I’m also going to be providing my mom with the parts of the plant I don’t use like stems and maybe roots as she wants to try juicing it to see how that goes. I’ll definitely be following along with this thread for more ideas.

Oh as for the cayenne pepper you could also try cinnamon oil. But only very small amounts as it can burn you on contact without dilution. But it would probably give a better warming sensation than cayenne. Another option would be pepper spray. Like the self defense kind. It’s actually a food grade product since it’s sprayed at face’s. Again a little goes a long way but being in liquid form would make it mix better.


I will tag someone who uses these all the time and has a good recipe
@Hogmaster would you care to tell @PotandPans how you do it


@DoobieNoobie cinnamin oil huh… It can burn you on contact? That may work, Ive got to try some of that.

My family and friends are good on salve fir a month or two but I’m glad to have this thread established I can come by and drop in further recipes and findings.

I got a 12 pack of essential oils for $25 or so online and I’m hoping they have some effect.

Peppermint oil by itself was fantastic for the smell. I used some frankencense and lavender in a lotion I made (ten drops each) but when I added just 4-5 drops of lemongrass it wad quickly overpowered, and I’m not keen on lemon smells. :frowning: I don’t think any will add a menthol/warming sensation though I think it’s all for scent /aromatherapy.


Yeah most of those are for smell. I do like some of those as well. The menthol one is good for clearing a congested nose. The lavender is good for calming so would work on nighttime lotions or creams. We use one called serenity by a company named doterra in our kids rooms for night time. It’s a mix of lavender, cedar and some others.