Cannabis oil uses

I have made quite a bit of cannabis (hash oil). Some are very good and others are not (still decent). My question is how can I use this oil besides vaping? Tinctures cooking? etc.

For example, if I used 1ml of oil how much alcohol should be used to make a tincture?

@blackthumbbetty will help you out @ek071391

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@blackthumbbetty, if you can find the time, I would appreciate a little guidance for the excess oil I have.

How thick is your oil? Is it dabby or more liquid?

It is pretty thick, some is oil that when I want to vape it heat it up and put it in a cart. Maybe close to an ounce of oil.
I just started pressing and have pure decarboxylated rosin also.

I’d like to use the excess oil for tinctures or possibly edibles. Just not sure the ratios, I could mix it back into Everclear.

No problem, I’ll figure it out.

Get unsalted butterr or coconut oil, let butter or coconut oil melt it on the lowest temp. After put your oil or rosin in the melted (whatever you decide to use) I usually eyeball since I like my edibles to smack so honestly the ratio is up to you imo. Keep stirring till desloved put In a Tupperware and make crispy treats an brownies even put it on your toast and stuff lol just trying to help. :grin:

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The oil can be added to edibles, as is. I like to make Tootsie Rolls with the goo. I find 2 grams of oil makes about 10 or so servings of edibles. I like em strong.

To make tincture, you could even just add your oil to some MCT or hemp seed oil, not necessarily alcohol.


Thanks guys for the info. I have a crapload of oil I have that is good but not as good as I find I am getting with a press and heat. I figured it would be really good in edibles or a tincture so ratios that people are using with good results are very helpful.

My phone just died but I’ll send a pic of the rosin I am pressing later.

Thanks Breezy745 every little bit helps.

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blackthumbbetty I like stuff strong too. I’ve tried butter and then make brownies but they were weak. The oil should give them some kick.

Rosin from my Harbor Freight Dulytek press setup. Used 7 grams of flower for just about 1.5 grams of rosin, 20% return

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Are you using any kind of formula to figure out an estimated THC/CBD content, to better help you get effed up? :grinning:

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No, how would I do the formula? It would be nice to know the percentage of THC in my flowers.

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Haha, I used 2ml of oil in a brownie package (9x9) pan. My girlfriend was a mess all day on a half piece. I got a good buzz (my tolerance is way higher than hers).

Your formula is pretty spot on with what I used (2ml). I have one of those magic butter machines and as far as I am concerned pressing is the way to go and then just use some thinned rosin. Much less waste and much better. I am like you, I like it stronger.

I want try some of those tootsie rolls you mentioned!! I really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!!

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