Cannabis Oil Powder

Friday, I was innocently scrolling through The Source’s user group and came across this post and link:

Then, I went searching:

I bought a bag of this stuff

Using this simple video as inspiration for my kind of magical weed treats:

I’m going to add 3 grams of FECO to ⅓ cup melted (but cool) dark chocolate w/ a pinch of espresso powder, then mix that into an appropriate amount of tapioca maltodextrin (will start at ⅓ cup). Hope to make 30 doses.

If nutella was healthier, I’d use that. Might try mixing it with some weednut budder another time, though.

I thought you all might be interested in doing some experimenting, too. It seems ridiculously easy to boost the bioavailability and speed of take-off! It’s also really freaking nifty, novel, and neato!


So you make the oil powder or you buy this stuff to make edibles or take as is?

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I know as much as the next guy. :grinning: You can add straight feco/rso/cco and eat as is. You can use it in recipes, but I think that will kinda negate some of the fast on-set.

I read all the above and am just going for it. Thought I’d share so others could try it, too.


The way I am understanding it, and very much so oversimplifying it, is that once encapsulated, your body treats the oil like a sugar and it goes through the bloodstream much faster. It’s almost immediately absorbed, kinda like a sublingual dose.

Again, that’s a severe over-simplification. :grinning:


Thanks @blackthumbbetty! You always have the craziest and most interesting experiments going!
Thank you for sharing! :nerd_face:


Are you going to try it?

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I am not there yet, wish I was! But I am really interested and I bookmarked it for future reference…
And you, did you get the chance to sample it yet?

On another note, I sent you a link for a nice giveaway on the other forum… I don’t think I can share it here…

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The powder should be here, this week. I have some oil purging, now. I’m ready!


I can hardly wait to see the results :


My wife got me the giant 400 gram bag! So many experiments can now be done!

I melted 2oz of refined coconut oil and added in 4 grams of extremely clean and dry cannabis oil. The mixture is sitting on a warming mat for a bit to ensure the cannabis oily fully melts and integrates into the coconut oil, then I’ll let it cool to room temp before making 2 separate batches.

I decided to try making 18 servings of each of these:

  1. A sweet/sour Pixie Stix type thing flavored with powdered lemon peel (hello added limonene?) & sweetened a bit with monkfruit sugar. After mixing 2 tbsp of cannabis oil into the N-zorbit, I will add the lemon peel and monkfruit sugar then run it through a sieve to make sure it’s a nice Pixie Stix consistency.

  2. A Chocolate type powder, mixing 4 tbsp of melted dark chocolate into 2 tbsp of coconut oil. I’ll run it through a seive, too.

Once both are done, I’ll divide it up evenly by weight and package it up into single serving straws for ease of dosing. It’s a terrible waste of straws, I know, but they’re the perfect vessel.