Cannabis myths (side effects)

What are some of the side effects cannabis is believed to have? there are many myths that keep surprising me to this day

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If you go to ILGM seed side of the site every different strains side effects/pros/cons, what illness it’s recommended for & grow tips is listed!!

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Above and beyond the common, dry/redness of eyes, dehydration & dry mouth! LMAO



Here is something I worked on a while ago

But I’m looking for crazy myths you have heard about

Right? Hahaha that’s like the only argument oposers might have but to me they are all good things, I found some itty bitty negative stuff on a research I made but they are completely overshadowed by it’s benefits

Exactly! Lol remember the old add where they fried an egg on a pan or the crazy dude chained smoke j after j like it was crack or something :joy::rofl:


This is your brain on drugs - any questions!

can I get it Sunny side up??


Good old Ron and Nancy Regan…just say no
To big Pharma…

Here is one

The real fake fkin news


“And Frankly Suzanne, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if all three of them habitually smoked marijuana”… LMAO the best sound bite ever…


Salutations 420SOS,

One myth which actually dispatched through Canada’s whole French-speaking national TV propaganda network was that it will cause males to grow tits while becoming sterile/impotent:


SRC: Quels sont les effets du cannabis sur le cerveau des adolescents? (2014-Nov-10)

Which still propagated as “true science” many years later:

CTV: Officers wrongly told teens that pot causes ‘enhanced mammary growth in men’ (2018-Feb-18)

« We’re no health experts, but we’re pretty sure getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men. » (York Regional Police Service spokeswoman Const. Laura Nicolle)

« …erroneous information was included in a presentation by officers for high school students last week. »

One major problem being that this was initially seen during premium hours on a “SCIENCE” show…

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


Does this go here?


That’s partially or wholly due to the steroids they use on the animals they sell us and in the foods they sell us everyday.

I hate real fake news


Salutations Elheffe702,
Salutations Skydiver,

Sometimes the most peculiar side-effects originate from those turned into addicted slaves of prohibitionist bigotry, all too often while such compulsive liars also manage to make a dime on it… For example those 2 dedicated “spe¢iali$ts”/“expert$” were invited as high-profile (international) guests at the Halloween 2016 symposium on “ADDICTION”, presumably in the “Task Force” context of Trudeau:



This “scientific” event gathering 80-some silbings took place in hotel Marriott of Montréal/Québec although it was actually organized by the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, based in Calgary/Alberta… The next year this other individual acted a “moderator” at the event’s 2nd edition:


This time also importing socio-toxic attitudes promoted at UN’s 2014 FCTC/COP6 event which took place in Moscow/Russia, where e-Cigs/Vaporizers somehow became synonymous of nicotine combustion (which actually denied health-wise alternatives!)…

By the way, this is the very same man we saw besides Richard Bélanger in the 2014 “science” show just mentioned previously. It turns out Didier Jutras-Aswad authored 1 study on 120 studies, financed by Pfizer, a manufacturer of fentanyl as i recall… Then endorsed/sponsored via popular family TV programming nonetheless.

More recently Didier conducted yet another study, this time as head of a CBD program intended for opioïd users, financed by Insys Therapeutics…


Former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour put it in a few words the day right after UNGASS 2016 (while Justin had selfies wearing boxer gloves, nearby in NY…): she commented that the system punishes itself by undermining our trust in Canada’s Public Institutions. I believe it covers professional insiders pretending to serve so-called “science” - one of the worst side-effects being the justification of many more forms of neo-religious abuse, for example the “Fix-my-Kid” and “Kids-for-Cash” effects.

So, yeah! Displays of panick hysteria sure fall into the “side-effects” category as well, though it’s quite rarely revealed with proper perspective on late TV news. Myths support guys in denial of reality.

And perhaps via drinking water too!

Lets brace ourselves, IMO our politician’s next battle shall be a war on social networks since it’s where the most virulent/incisive criticism is bound to come from, while it’s all too clear mass-media is dedicated to propagandist editorials instead of rational journalism + responsible analysis.

Once in a while valuable articles pop up via Google’s radar though much too late to be of real use. Another side-effect i repeatedly observed on local TV has to do with self-serving and omnipotent Fake News di$tributors pretending to “educate” us about truth…

The world has become an immense house of mirrors where crimes against humanity go unpunished, the lack of accountability in our public institutions probably describes best the root of all evil, resulting to a never-ending pile of abuse which only increases in intensity.

Put shortly the familiar stereotypical stigmatization of intoxicated consumers says too little about the real “harm” of cannabis!

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


Smoking since 15, had my son nearly 3 years ago lol
@420SOS ive heard hallucinations LOL

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Wow that’s crazy! I should have like quadruple D’s by know :joy: thanks for sharing, that’s awesome for my research

If it goes somewhere its here! Thanks that was pretty cool heffe

Hahaha good one, I might use it (promise to give you credit)

All good man! I noticed it on the national institute on drug abuse.


Here’s the original link