Cannabis Legalization

Hi People,

I guess most of you are living in some parts of the world where Cannabis has become legal over the last few years. I was wondering… how did it turn out for you? I mean, except from what is obvious…

How did it turn out for you financially? How did it change the landscape of illegal dealers? They still making money?

Just curious… if you could share some insights that would be very nice :slight_smile:
have a nice day

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MY old dealer is still selling as his quality is better than what you find at the dispensaries.

Prices are cheaper at the dispensaries, but tax is high.

The big bonus is the delivery services.


Depends on what is legal. If it’s legal for citizens to grow their own, prices likely to drop substantially. If possession is legal but grows isn’t, seems costs still go down but not quite as drastic


I got a medical card before recreational sales were legal here. It seems like when rec went legal, the prices shot up, but they’re gradually coming back down. As for the black market, I couldn’t say. We stopped buying that way once I could get better, legal weed.


I’ve got a long time friend who is connected with Nor cal growers. He has always sold the best weed and still does.

I believe that the dispensary weed is not top notch yet. A lot of it looks good but is not that Stoney.



Looking at microscope snapshots i’ve started to miss Harper days, not to mention back then i had never witnessed “Tumbled Weed” myself… To top it all the latest local TV news reported dead fish floating in a river nearby Hexo (formerly know as Hydropothecary, which underwent the name change after some myclobutanil scandal in 2016 as i recall). Ah, and talking of poison, 3 months from the federal polls we now get to hear of mom Trudeau, though one could pretend it’s only a coïncidence but i still remember what type of “science” was put forward:

In any case the “Légaleezation” (Prohibition 2.0) reform justified a substancial 3.5 M$ provincial funding for senator Jean Lapointe’s “re-hab” center last year, it was performed by the very same former sinister of “Healthy Ways” & Youth Protection Lucie “Nez Rouge” Charlebois who expressed her concern on national French-speaking TV during premium hours, over the risk of her grand-children to eat raw cannabis in some neighbour’s garden:

Less than a year ago similar irrational reefer madness caused a city of no more than 150000 citizens to add 4 police agents: 1 for school “education” (read propaganda…), 2 for full-time investigations and 1 to handle bureaucracy i think.

Then just this month we hear the current health minister Lionel Carmant banned edibles, but quite frankly i no longer care much given the extravagant abuse perpetuated by politicians, mass-media and friends despite decades of reafirmed failure (and beyond!).

Meanwhile people started to get evicted now that our “elites” have imposed their own kind of (socio-toxic) “raw models”, with Health Canada accomodating the new Big Mari-Caca industry with 96 pesticides so far, etc., etc.

So, in the end, besides imposing a “legal” distribution models which feels like a predatory dealer on steroïds, euh… What legalization?? Where and who’s that for?!..

I could vent like this for a long time but this depletes whatever is left of my cannabis-induced serenity!!

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


Hey guys, thanks for the nice replies and insights into your insights.
At the moment I dont feel like acting on this thread but I hope you keep dropping comments if you have something to say :green_heart:

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