Cannabis induced munchies

Why does cannabis make me so damn hungry every single time?

It seems that every time I’m going to sesh I need to have bud, a lighter and something to eat, are there any strains that make you hungrier than others? I’m naturally hungry every minute of the day so it’s hard for me to tell, maybe it’s because I’m always high :joy:


I do believe some strains give you more munchies, not sure which though. Although Northern Lights seems to give everybody munchies.

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this post makes my hungry


It’s the #1 thing I hate about smoking grass. It makes me eat EVERYTHING!

It does seem strain sensitive, but they all make me hungry. Some I can ignore the cravings , others make me so ravenous I can’t stop stuffing my face. Sometimes I have to snack on snacks while I’m cooking something else to eat.

Because stoned.


Really? my best friend is growing some northern lights, haven’t tried it, looking forward to it though

My buddies explain the scientific reasons quite well here Green Fleets. Proven Solutions to Pass a Drug Test

Haha sorry, it happened to me too, many posts I find have that effect on me

Snacking before eating! That’s me! I used to go for street car burgers and I would eat a couple of hot dogs while I waited for the burger to be ready

“Because stoned” (that was a good one😂)

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Be careful of the links to other seed suppliers :kangaroo:


As Hungrybud stated, links to competitors of the site sponsor are not allowed. It would be much appreciated if you could avoid posting them in the future.

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So sorry guys didnt even notice that! I was I tend to block all ads from my sight when I read I’ll be more careful

Thanks I edited and deleted! I was about to say that this was my favorite forum and then I see that I was flagged, then I noticed that I am not banned or anything and that I can actually edit out my mistake while leaving the rest of my post.

And I have just confirmed this is my favorite forum

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