Cannabis for Pets?


I know the cbd’s are helping , but I want them to have fun just like I do … it’s costly but edibles are what my animals are used to and love… if I just gave them cbd’s I think they might just disown me… :wink:
They are so danm funny when there stoned… we have way to much fun… besides who am I to tell them what they should have and shouldn’t have… as long as there not in pain and eating real good I will continue to get medicated with my animals… :wink:
I sure hope that all of you will be able to get your animals the help that they need to get them back on track and feeling better… :wink:

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I put the drops on his dog bones. He follows me around when it is time for his drooling all over the place lol


The 250 mg drops are for dogs @lia and a full dropper is a dosage for an 85 lb dog. So roughly a 2/3 dropper for a 65 lb dog. You can put it on their food or something.

I supplement two times a day with a new product I’m trying called hemp hips I found on Amazon. Has all the good stuff in it.


That sounds a lot easier than the tramadol. We have to hide it and trick him into eating it. And he’s so smart, sometimes he eats around it. I got the chews to start with, but if they seem effective, I’ll try the drops next.


My oldest female pit bull 75 pounds
She is on all the same meds as your pup
I hate the side effects of the meds she is on
I have been giving her cbd oil from a company called canna-pet
she gets 3-4 drops 3 times a day
I have been able to cut back on the pheno and pottasium brohmide by half!!
She is not so lathargic and is pretty peppy compared to how she was before we started the cbd.
I am hoping to get her off the vets drugs completely
On my first outdoor grow now but am going to look for a low thc high cbd strain for my next grow so that I can extract the oil myself


Yep as long as the oil is produced from commercial hemp
I am very happy with the results from canna-pet and I have used the treatables brand oil too which was available at a local dispensory. I prefer the canna-pet oil but both are outstanding products.


I actually moved on to other brands. The costs were a bit crazy on some of those. CBD oil for dogs and cats is the same as it is for humans! @Growit


I was looking at some other seed banks lookin for a high cbd low thc strain so I can make the oil myself at a reduced cost


I’ve looked but the only way you would know for sure is via testing each plant you grew. I have taken the strains of MJ I wanted and gotten them into solids like wax and then added them to the CBD oil.

Animals don’t do well with THC though so I only use this for my wife. She has a very low tolerance to THC so I add a small amount to her CBD vape. But thats a different thread!


Wow!! Thanks for the info.
I agree dogs do not respond to thc well and I do not want to make em sick while trying to make or keep them well.
I looked into growing a couple of seeds from a commercial hemp seed bank also but they do not sell to the public only to a federally licensed comercial hemp grower.
Great info thanks!


yeah, thats the deal. If your could grow help you’d be all set. Then you could be assured of only minute THC.

I was going to grow my own High CBD low THC MJ until I learned about the different phenotypes possible and that you wouldn’t know the CBD to THC unless you tested each plant…

Basically if you grow 4 plants: One would be High THC and Low CBD, one would be High CBD and Low THC and the other two would be nearly one to one of each, but one or the other would be dominant… @Growit


Man I am glad I came across this thread.
Its funny , I hate people in general can’t stand most , but here in Weedville everyone is cool and always willing to help it is an awsome experience!
Have a great weekend @bob31


funny you say that. I struggle as well. I think MJ is the commonality that we all share! Have a great weekend as well! It is a beauty here where I live!


We have an 8yr old English Bulldog and a Dogo Argentino. Our bulldog has arthritis and hip dysplasia, our dogo has lots of allergies. My wife uses left over material from edibles to make our dogs dank doggie biscuits.
It helps our bully with arthritis pain she gets around better and is a lot more active. It helps mellow our dogo out and keeps him from scratching so much.

We love pet edibles, petibles!


Very cool man👍🏻