Cannabis for Pets?


Greetings All; I have been researching various veterinary medical sites looking for something to ease my elderly cat (19) who is wracked with arthritis. I came across several sites offering Cannabis supplements for your pet one of them being Canna Companion - (Proprietary Blend (Cannabis Sativa L., Hemp) Active: Phytocannabinoids - formulated to provide a CBD:THC ratio >2:1. Does anyone have any experience with these supplements? Any advice? Is this just snake oil? It’s pretty costly but my cat has been a constant companion and he is very dear to me and worth it. I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

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I gota tell ya I feel for brother. But I really don’t think anyone here would now .
But I can’t speak for everyone here.
This is the first time that I now of . Of someone asking a question of this nature.
I wish there was somrthing I could tell you…but I cant.
But you never now someone may pop in and have some info for ya.

I wish the best for you and your companion.

B Safe


Sorry to hear about your family member - maybe “catnip” might give your cat some relief without giving it marijuana products. Hope things get under control PEACE


I found this hope it helps.

#5 has an article about marijuana and pets also have contact information. Our pets are our babies. Hope this helps…


Thank you for the links on Cannabis and pets. I have found several websites offering Cannabis supplements - all seem to have differences in the amount of THC and CBDs. My concern is what is acceptable for dosing my old man (cat) since the supplements differ in amounts. I guess I’m going to have to reach out to my Veterinarian - but I’m wondering if they would be familiar with this treatment… Well, I shall keep researching and see what I find out. I will be sure to share my research for those in the same boat. Thank you.


I have an old “hound dog” that began having multiple seizures each day. I began giving him cannabis oil for the seizures and now he is seizure free. If he is off for more than a day, he will begin to seize. He is about 60 lbs and I give him one DROP from a dropper in the morning and one in the evening. I can’t really give you a thc percentage, but it is made from standard high grade cannabis.

Sorry your old man is having troubles. I hope this helps.


Not sure if it helps or not because this might be an Old Post but I give my dogs cupcakes cookies or brownies whenever I myself have had enough and they seem to enjoy it they may actually be hooked because they constantly are looking for brownies cupcakes or anything else for that matter but that’s what I do and I have dogs that are 15 years old my age so they’re like 200 years old dog age and they’re doing really good even though they got cancer and all kinds of crazy things the Cannabis definitely seems to be helping them, I give them whatever I give to anybody else or I used my self not really sure I’m buying the things that you guys have been discussing because that tends to get costly so I do it my own way and save money hope that helps, on a side note I have a Toy Fox Terrier that is super tiny and stole the whole brownie one time and didn’t move for 3 days she was curled up like a little roly-poly and I thought she was going to die but never did because cannabis can’t kill you she was just in a coma and she pulled through and now she tries to find brownies whenever she can little bugger…



It was at least 10 years ago, my brother had some nice homegrown buds. We’ll on day my dog go a hold of a a bud about 6 inches long. He a the the whole thing. He was alright, just drank a lot of water and ate quite a bit of food. He just kinda laid around the house for about 12 hours then was fine. He was about a 80 pound 5 year old full blood red nose.


Just a heads up, watch your pets around spent vape. At least your dogs, tremors, stupor, Incontinence.



I actually have a cat that got hit by a car that I had a pretty bad head injury in the last seven years he eats sugar leaves that I feed him in the morning and in the evening and you can tell a huge difference if he doesn’t have it


My pets medicate every other day or two… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


how? I have an older lab who is displaying irritability and crankiness… sort of like me haha. I have cbd drops and I’m gonna start giving him some. I’m just not sure the best way? I don’t really have much in the way of edibles…a drop on a small dog bone?


Next time you smoke, grab them and blow it in their face, that’s what I used to form to my dogs and it helped em


I give them edibles , usually cupcakes or muffins…
I have a lab that’s going on 16 years old and has cancer which you wouldn’t knot it because of the edibles… :wink:

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I have been giving my male lab who is about 50 pounds and 12 years old a drop a day in the morning. I put one drop on his half a dog bone every morning for three days now. I use a cbd-thc tincture it is 2:1 cbd. I will update on his progress.

He has mild seizures and tends to be nervous and a bit of a crank and howl a lot during the day. He is fine after 3pm most days so I’m thinking just one treatment a day for now.

CBS just had a segment on this morning about mmj and pets. Interesting…


i found this and i thought it might help

“As more states in the United States legalise cannabis, pet owners are giving their dogs and cats cannabis to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis.”

Pet Owners Treat Sick Animals with Cannabis
As more states legalize cannabis, pet owners are giving their dogs and cats cannabis to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis. But veterinarians say there…


My cat prefers dried fan leaves to catnip. She’s 11 and has been pruning my plants for a long time when she can get away with it.


@voodoodoll i realize your original post was a year ago. hope your feline is okay. found 2 sites, and just ordered some biscuits for our son’s dog to manage pain. the site has a breakdown of how much to give your animal according to weight. hope this helps.


I’m going to post the slides from the 6-7 May 2017 Cannabis Health Summit here. (As they pertain to let’s & Cannabis

I have ordered a couple of things from treatables website.

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