Cannabis Cup - Unity Cup


Has anyone else been ? In 1996 , I got invited by a friend to go to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup for 7 days . I couldn’t refuse ! I smoked alot of White Rino and some really good hash . I don’t recall a lot those 7 days , but it sure was fun . The GrassHopper coffee shop , The Bull Dog of course . Sensi Seed Bank . It is an absolutely beautiful city . It is on my bucket list to return someday . I found this coaster in the bottom of my dresser draw I was cleaning out the other day . I made it my profile picture .

Great memories and fun times .


Sounds like a blast! Amsterdam is definitely on my bucket list


Who would be able to refuse such a offer
Love the coaster / icon


Now THAT looks like a unforgettable/forgotten memory. Sounds like a nice place to visit ! I got a chance to go to the Cannabis Cup in California and have regretted not going !


One night we took a cab back to our hotel . It was late and there were not many people out. The driver didn’t understand english very well so we gave him a book of matches with the hotel name on it so he knew where to take us . The streets are narrow with curves and turns and bridges over the canals . A song came on the radio Pink Floyd I think and one of us said I like this song , crank it up ,to the driver . The driver floored the gas pedal and we were driving 50 mph through the narrow streets . He thought we meant speed up the car . We laughed our butts off and gave him a big tip for fun drive .We were so stoned !


We took the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam and went to the first coffeeshop outside the train station . Prix d’Ami I think . Two girls that worked there were rolling dovetail joints and filling a glass jar full of them . We left afterwards and went to Burger King of all places. lol Yuck .


I’ve held off on travel to Europe because I feel like it will only happen once and I’ll need months to see everything. I’m a photographer, so everything takes me longer to “see” too. I’ll spend an hour on something someone else will look at for 5 minutes and move on. Especially nature (macros) and architecture. I’d probably never come back.


The old architecture of the city is beautiful . Art museums like the Van Gogh. You would love it . I know I didn’t want to leave .