Cannabis cup question

I’ve never been to one but I imagine booth space is sold for vendors.

Has ILGM ever had a booth? It would be fun to have a forum meet up at one.


ooooh interested in this.


Everyone could get shirts made with their screen name and show up, lol


I’d take time off work for that.


Not that I know of. Latewood and Garrigan were at a conference in Michigan last year and put something up here if anyone was interested in meeting them up there. I ran into tdubwilly and myfriendis410 at a convention in Vegas while back too.

If the company wanted representation at any of the events I would do what I could to be available. But that would all have to go through Latewood and the office. And I definitely don’t see much happening until this coronavirus stuff is behind us. As a whole arranging meet ups hasn’t been allowed on the forum. I think maybe if it was in legal state, no personal information was shared in doing so, maybe an exception would be made for an event like that. But should definitely run through proper channels first. When we were newbs, Matty, myfriendis410, and I received nasty gram for suggesting we could all end up at Disneyland around the same time :joy:


i thought i was the only one that said nasty gram!


Michigan cannabis cup 2021. I’m in.

Hi My Name Is:
(All written in crayon)


Can you do it on the West Coast please :pray:


Nope. We gotta meet in the middle somewhere. Canna Cup St Louis!

(Obviously i dont know geographics)

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What legalized state can you have the most flower on your person? :thinking:

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I think Oregon allows you to grow the most plants per adult in your household… or did a year or two ago… dont ask me why i know :speak_no_evil::rofl::see_no_evil:

oregon is 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants.
Colorado, actually has a 12 plant limit which is highest ive seen so far for growing at home.
california where i live is sadly at 6 plants mature or immature they dont care, you get 6.

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Michigan is 12 also.