Cannabis Cultivator Virgin - Starting with the ILGM Autos Mix Pack 2.0

@Nicky okay thank you appreciate the tips :smiley::+1:t4:


The sensor push works great best 50 bucks I’ve spent in this. And their customer service is hands on fast and friendly.

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Week 5

The only thing that I did differently added optic foliar spray and they seemed to have enjoyed. Also, figured out what tools to use control my environment. I returned these tools items:

- AC Unit; don’t need it. I have been able to control my temps without a space heater and obviously the AC. I am able to stay with 79° F - 81° F. And, if I want to increase the temps up to 86°F I just turn the side bar 45W LEDs.

- Intelligent Humidifier. too expensive for what my Inkbird Humidity / Temps controller can do with an analog humidifier. Plus, my Inkbird gives me the option to control my Humidity range with the fans + an analog humidifier. In other words, where; Set Up-Value = increase RH with humifier and Down-Value = decrease RH with fans and carbon filter fans.

You guys were right about having one or two more weeks before starting to feed some nutes. What sings should I start be looking to start adding some nutes in their schedule? I’ve learned to pay attention to what the plants tell me when I water them. When I water them too much they droop down and when I don’t water them enough they tend to look just exhausted with the heat. But, I have not idea what to expect before I see or notice them giving signs that they are hungry.



@henryuribe7 What nutrients will you be using? I only use the 3 powders and 3 liquid nutrients from Fox Farms.

They look good!

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Best thing you can do.


@MrPeat I’m using Veg + Bloom Dry nutes.

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Bonus post week 5

By the way this is the best VPD I’ve been able to accomplished. Turned on the side lights today which increased my Temps from 79°F to 84°F and set my RH to 75% which resulted inside the tent = to about 65% - 68% RH.


Looking and sounding good, you have fans giving those baby’s a breeze to make them strong?

@nicky I have total fans but right now only using two. It’s been easier for me to control my RH.

So far looking good.

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Your doing a great job with them. They look happy GrowingMarijuana

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While RH is important if you don’t put a breeze on them they won’t grow nearly as strong.
It forces them to build much stronger, bigger root system, stronger larger branches…
Put a fan or two in them as nd just do your best on RH, plants will grow with lower RH it’s just not perfect.

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When do you guys Mark harvest day? Just curious because I’m in week 5 and 3 days and I am seeing signs of flowering. So, I’m just wondering if I should start my 8 weeks count down on flowering yet?


@henryuribe7 Personally for me the time starts ticking once the plant has flowers all over the place.

Remember to add an additional 2 weeks over what the seed company says. That time they list is in 100000% perfect conditions and home growers never have perfect conditions.


Disregard that, and harvest them when they’re ready. If it’s a projected 8 week strain, put a rough estimate out for 8-9 weeks after you see flowers. But keep that loose, and harvest by condition of plant instead of what’s marked on calendar.


Seems appropriate. They’re done when they’re done.


Totally agree.
The only way your going to know a plant is ready is to watch for the stages to pass, start of flower, heavy flower, bulking, pistils turn color and then start watching tricombs and flush when you think is right/harvest when you like what the tricombs are showing.

My autos have been right on the money before and other times 3 weeks off, all depends.


I agree with the others. I really don’t pay a lot of attention to the calendar. I just look at the plant and when she looks to be nearing her end, I start checking trichomes


Looking good!

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