Cannabis Cultivator Virgin - Starting with the ILGM Autos Mix Pack 2.0

It looks like the seed husk is still on your seedlings. If it is and it doesn’t come off soon you will want to very carefully take it off. Some will spritz the seed husk and some use spit. I have spritzed in the past and used two toothpicks to open the husk ever so gently.

If the husk is off never mind. I love your pastured we have over a foot of snow right now And it is hovering around 20 degrees f.

@Bubblehead thank you for the tips. I went ahead and remove the husk from the two seedlings that sprouted first. And, then it seems as the third seedlings is going to germinate the same way as the first two (with the husk still attached) I will keep an eye on it. Do you know what causes seedlings to germinate with their husks still on? I mean how common is this? I’m just trying to figure out if this is due to environment conditions (i.e. too dry or too wet, colder than it should be, etc), or is it genetics? Or a combination of these factors?

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It’s very common. seed coat and membranes should get pushed off as it comes up through the dirt but sometimes it doesn’t. Congratulations on the first hurdle, germination, nice job. I currently have a bubble gum auto nearing her end and I just chopped down my Jack Herer auto during the night. Can’t wait to try them. Good luck with your grow :v::green_heart:

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@GreenJewels appreciate it! Please post some pics so I can see what they look like. Do you have a journal too? I’d love to check it out and see what your triumphs and experience was in general. I love to learn from others as well.


Here’s my current journal.
I’m always making mistakes, helps me learn. Glad to have you follow along.

Bubblegum Auto flower

Jack Herer autoflower


@henryuribe7 Jewels is being modest I have watched her fo almost a year and she is become a very good farmer. She is right we all make mistakes, recover and learn from them.

I agree with what @GreenJewels it is fairly common to see husks attached to seedlings. My theory is we do not plant the seed deep enough or give it enough moisture after planted to allow the husk to come off. Think about nature. The seeds would fall on the ground, it would rain enough to germinate seeds, then they grow. In nature I don’t see the seeds being planted below ground surface, so in my opinion they had to get awfully wet to germinate. Remember this is just my theory and ramblings of a mad man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Bubblehead that is what I was thinking too. Maybe in nature when the seeds drop to the ground and as the seedlings fight their way to the top or above ground and this friction with small grains of dirty is what may causes the husks to break off. However, indoor growing since we “baby” these plants so much we may not be able to recreate the same natural conditions. Hence, the reason that the seedlings may germinate with their husks more often than not. This is just a simple theory.

@Bubblehead this is what they look like after I removed the husk. since I’m at work I had my mom check on them. My mom could only get a good picture of one of the plants through the view window in the tent. No body is allowed to open my tent without my permission. Lol I’m a control freak … I got some issues I know but back to my point. Thank you so much because now their first leaves are visible. So, I’m marking today as the first actual day so harvest should be Jan 9th roughly which is my wife’s birthday :grinning::smile:


@Covertgrower what does the ac infinity controller constantly kick the fan on and off? I have the t6 without just curious how it works.

I don’t have the AC on this set up. I have two small fans running constantly on a low setting.

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I guess the newer controllers are different but similar. I have an older model, that only works with temperature. The new controller will turn on if the humidity gets too high as well.
Either controller new or old, are designed pretty well. I have my probe sitting on top of a heat sink, so when there’s lights on, the fan ramps up. Otherwise it’s on very low, just enough to suck the sides in and contain the smell. @DankGunslinger

All other things aside, I love this fan, and all of the options. This will be the only name brand I will purchase at this time. I honestly don’t see anything better. Unless I need to go commercial sized, and that’s a whole different conversation. Lol.

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@henryuribe7 this is a ventilation fan, that exhausts air from the tent, through a carbon filter, and it controls the temperature of the tent.

@Covertgrower this was on my list to buy but decided to go with a hurricane 4" for now and use more of dollars on the lighting. Then, maybe later on when I have a bigger budget I can replace the one that I have now for this infinity fan. Great suggestion though!!!


Yeah I heard the older controllers are better. I love my t6

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Official Week 1 Day 1

Here is an update with all of the plants (after this I will do a weekly update):

Jack Herer

Bubble Gum

OG Kush (pretty sad and almost gave up on her but she popped today and she is showing me she’s a fighter)


Looking good Henry. I want to grow jack it’s on my list.


Awesome @GreenJewels I have never tried the JH but the reviews are good :wink: really want to try some autos.


I can’t wait to smoke the JH I’ve never tried it that I know of.

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Glad it worked out.

Does anybody have any suggestions for cameras inside the tent? I was looking at the Blinks in Amazon but they seem kinda pricey.