Cannabis Cultivator Virgin - Starting with the ILGM Autos Mix Pack 2.0

@henryuribe7 I think either pH meter will work great. I just chose mine because it was recommended and I like the color. :smile:

@Covertgrower What kind of controller do you use to ramp up for fan during flower? How does it ramp up or is just on and off?


Trichome grading


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Great choice on the inkbird!
I also recommend the AC infinity T6 that covert grower linked by far the best 2 things to have thst will ultimately make your growing environment be able to really dial in, oh and to boot its a very silent fan compared to the standard inline fans so much so I want to swap out my 1 year old standard one I got on amazon.
You can run it 24/7 or set it up on a timer, or have it detect your temperature, humidity and only turn on when it reaches a limit (I do this because I’m trying to raise the humidity in my tent so I set it to a temperature setting, if my fan runs 24/7 then the humidity doesn’t build while your plants are small. That being said later in flower is when you want your fan running 24/7 and to keep your humidity down to prevent bud rot)
I soooo strong suggest these two items, a bit of a learning curve I just got them myself and am still learning to dial it in (well I’m helping my girlfriend dial them in on our new tent setup)
You only need 1 exhaust fan and that’s the AC T6
You will want 2 clip fans inside the tent (amazon has these black 8" ones that I suggest even though they only have one speed soooo much better then all those white ones out there)

Your exhaust will suck out the hot stale air and vent it outside (however you choose to rig that up) but even with LED’s your going to need this I also run LED’s. I have no idea what your local grow guy is trying to say… Being more efficient by recirculation of old air using the same amount of energy?
Many many people have grown in tents for years and that’s not the way it’s done… No point in re inventing the wheel with a square.

@Bubblehead the fan monitors RH and Temp then it will kick on when it goes out of range of your settings, you also set what speed you want it to kick on at. Or you can have it in all the time, or on a timer, or off… It’s pretty cool.
The inkbird controller has slightly more control but combined you get the most control with the most silent fan.


Thanks for chiming for me on that one @Nicky great explanation.
I have the thermostat probe sitting on/in a heat sink for the LED.
Its a quality fan Bubblehead, you won’t regret it.
I use the T-6 in a 4x4 space. I wouldn’t go any smaller, but you could go larger if you think you need it. Especially if you’re considering expanding in the future.


Hey no problem man thanks for the shout out =)

Really you put the probe on your heat sink?
I hang mine at canopy level or I figure my fan would always be on… Hmm

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@Covertgrower @Nicky I run the T6 in my big tent and the T4 in my little tent. I also run ink birds to control the fans because mine are the dumb fans (without controller) I was just curious on how you “ramped the fan up” I understand now that it is either on or off.


Yeah the inkbird doesn’t ramp it up the AC infinity T6 ramps up and ramps down so the combination of the two makes for alot of control.
I also bought the inkbird for my 2nd tent and it’s dumb fan


@Nicky do you recommend this for photoperiod and autos?

“As for growing how many plants how often 3 is a good start, you may cut down to 2 once you really dial them in and grow bigger plants. Wait until you start to see cloudy tricombs before you drop new seeds I would say otherwise you could run the risk of having monsters in your small areas yet your main plants are still finishing”

Also, I do have the microscope camera still trying to figure out how to make it work with my Google Pixel. Great suggestions!!!

Download “endoscope” in the app store
Then plug it into your phone, make sure the lense cap is off lol.

Your main section in the 2in1 vivosun is a 4x4 that’s lots of space but unfortunately it’s a shorter tent with only 5ft so your going to want to do some Low stress training, say half the plants and FIM’ing the other half. (minor LST for autos, I would suggest a scrog if your growing photos but your not)

Who’s quote is that lol I seen that said earlier…
Anyways 4 plants in a 4x4 is about the right to start with, then you can desice if you want lots of little plants or less huge plants (if your growing autos you don’t have this type of control though because the veg period is set to 30 days max)

If you want a continuous grow you could grow 2 now and wait 40 days then start another 2 but to be honest I would just start all 4 now and then worry about cycling new ones later.
There is a possibility you kill a plant or something and then you can drop a seed or two to replace it.
Also it will depend on how long the flowering is for each auto, if you drop 2 fast and 2 slow flowering strains that will cylce your grow.

Mark the so called finish date on the Callander (according to the strain and when the seed popped) then keep that in mind and look at tricombs.
Depending on that along with what type of high you want you can drop new seeds in your little side compartment so they can start there until you harvest and make room in your main tent.

I bought the 3x3 version from a different company but very similar and am growing 2 plants in it currently


@Nicky awesome recommendations!!! I had to look up what FIM’ing meant and did some research on topping as well because they are related. But, I will def. Keep this in mind. Also, I have seen people do LST for 2 weeks or so from where the plants are 6 to 8 inches tall until they are ready for their full spectrum lightning. Then, when they moved them in there do do SCROG to maximize their yields. Am I understanding this right or did I mix them up?

Scrog is for photos, autos don’t have enough time to fill a scrog.
Topping is great for photos as well but I would personally recommend Fimming or LST.
If you FIM do it and then just leave it don’t do anything else, quick and easy.
If you LST you will have more control but it’s alot more work.
I would say do both, plus don’t touch one and with the last do what you want or just leave it to.
Compare for yourself.

To b honest I say this with only the research I have done and grow journals I have read, reading reliable websites and cannabis magazines.
My history indoors has been strickly LST or do nothing but I’m looking to do as little as possible to get the best results as possible.
This is why my future grows will be FIM’d, it’s just so easy and so much less work.

Mix soil, plant seedling, water, FIM, water until TDS run off shows nutes are needed, give a little boost when in flower as shown by TDS, no trimming or pruning just tucking leaves (use plant tape to hold leaves and expose lower bud sites, or cut the very very odd one) brace fat colas, flush, harvest.
It’s so simple the most complicated time consuming part of it is tucking/taping fan leaves or cutting the odd one but again I would stress to only cut the odd one and space the cuts out so don’t cut a bunch on one day.
Even then I’m sure most of my grows with my girlfriend won’t even get the tuck/tape/prune because it’s a time consuming thing and she’s in university so mad busy.


I am soooooooo fucking excited. I just came home from work and look what was in my mailbox :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m going to do the paper towel method to pop these seeds. Now, I just need to figure out which ones I want to pick. Any suggestions? I was going to pick the three best looking ones from each strains and then the rest I was going to place in a glass jar with rice on the fridge.

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I have smoked the jack it’s strong good sativa I haven’t had the others.

Go here
And type in the strains

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Today was a great day. Do I count day 1 when the seeds germinate or today?


What are your plans once they get their tap root? Will you plant in red party cups or go directly to their forever home?

@Bubblehead since they are autos I will put them in their forever home pots. First, I will put them the first week under 40W LEDs mostly red and blue light. Then, once they are like 4 to 6 inches I will switch them to a 65W Samsung HLG that I have for 2 more weeks. And, after that I will transfer them to the main grow tent where I have my 190W LEDs full light spectrum where they will spend the rest of their time until harvesting time.


Great plan, keep autos away from solo cups.

Remeber that roots don’t like light so glass jars are a bad idea in the future.
I recommend peat pucks and a jiffy starter much easier to transplant once they sprout and gives them the humidity for the first couple days.

Use domes, bought or made out of some sort of 4L clear jug cut in 3/4 (4L distilled are my favorite make shift, some use cake lids)

Oh and I count day 1 when they get their first 2 leafs.
Some autos don’t even veg for 30 days, (happened to me this go around) some veg for longer so just keep an eye out for flowers/pistles

@Nicky thank you so much for your great insights. I will go to the store today or tomorrow to get these jugs for making their domes.

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Try to get actual plant domes first, if you have a dollar store check there then check a place that sells garden supplies.
These are wider and do a better job, unfortunately they are over priced on Amazon, at least in Canada(ide just phone and ask)

Ps no problem anyone that’s willing to take advice is smarter than me half the time haha I tend to learn the hard way


@nicky has you covered. Be careful with big pots and little plants us farmers have a tendency to love our plants too much and over water them.