Cannabis Cultivator Virgin - Starting with the ILGM Autos Mix Pack 2.0

I have had several different colors in the stems. From a light brown to a dark purple. I never worried about it as my plants have stayed healthy with only 1 problem child from my Toilet Bowl Seeds.


@MrPeat yeah I know it may not be any serious but I think there is some cool biology going there and I would like to know what is call? Or what triggers it? You know? I’m just curious hahah

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@henryuribe7 Honestly no clue. Maybe someone else will know. I keep my grows as simple as possible. Long as it’s producing, I’m happy.

I can’t see anything out of the ordinary. Are you able to get closer pictures? Only thing bad that comes to mind is stem rot, but I’m pretty sure you would know there was major issue if that was the case. And it would be unusual in those spots alone.

I have stems that look like that. I think you’re good. @henryuribe7

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Great question, I don’t know maybe you can find out. I’m going to be buying a book here on Amazon to read about cannabis biology so while I can’t tell you today hopefully in a month or two I will be able to


I almost was going to do that but said screw it. Too many knowledgeable growers here.

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@Nicky what’s the name of the book you are looking to buy? It sounds interesting. I looooovvvvveeee biology in general. That used to be my fav topic in highschool. I used to get As in P.E and biology and then everything else was D’s for diploma hahah

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I did some research earlier on this and didn’t write it down so I’ll have to go back there are some really intense books out there and some very basic ones. Let me get back to you later today

The one on Amazon with a high rating don’t buy. It’s way out of date. I think it’s one of the first books you will see.

Read the reviews and you will see it’s not worth having it. Pass on this

Looks healthy to me. If the stem is firm I would not think twice about it.

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Week 7; Week 2 Flowering

I think I may have burned them a little bit with the nutes. I’m doing feed; water; feed;

Within the schedule I’m doing twice a week Stackswell by Veg + Bloom half of the recommended amount per the manufacturer per gallon of water. Also, doing every other day or two 2.5 to 3 grams of Veg + Bloom dirty per gallon (recommended amount is between 2g - 5g per gallon). Last time I feed them was 4 days ago and I did 3 g. So, I’m thinking maybe I need more water to lower the PPM? I’m not quite sure how to use the TDS below. One reading was showing me 750 PPM and the other was 1050 PPM. So, I’ve been flying kind of blind. There are two types of readings for the PPM and not quite sure which one to use as I described above. Please help!!! I have two other additives rapid root growth 1/4 per gallon of water + microbios to help break down nutes 2.5 g per gallon of water.

:grimacing: Also, I’ve been buying destile water since I have hard water and it has high PPM. I’ve bought a RO filter but I still need to install.

TDS Meter Digital Water Tester,…

Bubble Gum

Jack Herer

OG Kush

Fam Pic

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I don’t know anything about a TDS since I don’t use one. The tips look like the beginning stages of nutrient burn.

So wait for the ones with experience as they can pipe in about how to use the TDS meter properly.

But you need to get the R/O up and running.

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I’m not familiar with your nutes or your meter. I have an apera but anyway, my apera has the ability to use either 500 ppm scale or 700 scale. Do you know which one your meter uses? And which one your schedule uses? . I think most nute schedules run on 500 scale, not FF nutes by the way. I think its @Bobbydigital that has explained things real well on TDS. You can always use EC instead of TDS. I also learned a lot about my meter by looking it up on Youtube. Good luck. I’m sure I wasn’t much help but I know someone will come along shortly and help :v::green_heart:


You can check which scale your meter reads (if it doesn’t say what it is in your manual) by using this chart. If you’re reading 1050 ppm, switch to EC. If your EC is 2.1 your meter is on the 500 (Hanna) scale. If your EC reads 1.5, your meter is on the 700 (truncheon) scale.

EC is just a different way to read ppm. Much like Celsius and Fahrenheit are different ways to read temperature.



Here it is what my TDS supposed to show so I’m not sure what system is it on:

You can just do what I posted above with the chart to determine because that doesn’t say what scale it’s on. You can even check with just tap water. If your tap water is 250 ppm and you switch to EC and it reads .5 ec, your meter is on the 500 scale. If your EC reads lower than .5 ec, your meter is on 700 scale.


I wanted to give you a heads up on buying water. My local WallyWorld has a filtered water kiosk. The water is .39 cents per gallon. It is triple filtered and R/O filtered. You have to provide your own containers or they charge more. I tried it out and water tested at 27.0 ppm much lower than my tap water. It is a little bit of a pain in the behind. I intend to install R/O filter eventually. Just wanted to give you a heads up, thought this might be something you would be interested in.

I’m not a nute/tds guy, but one pearl of wisdom is to error on the light handed side when feeding until you have a good grasp on your plants needs. With that said, plants are looking good!


@Bulldognuts thank you for the tip! This is really helpful.