Cannabis cream for arthritis and muscular pain


I found a simple recipe to use to make the cream and posted it in the recipe section. Thought I would put the link in the medical section as well.

I’m going to make this soon and I’ll let you guys know how it works as a topical pain remedy.



That’s how I make my salve. I make a whole batch of oil first then I use some for salve some for edibles. I have made my grandma a huge believer in cannabis by this salve. She had 2 back surgeries and has bad veins from diabetes in her legs and she uses this every night.


Ow and I bought some menthol crystals on eBay and add some in as well when its on the stove still. They have a good deal on eBay right now for some essential oils buy 3 get one free.


MT. Have you tried the Rick Simpson oil.

This is the link to Rick Simpson. I have made this. It easy to make and works great.



I think the RSO would be to thick, you would need to Add coconut oil or something. But I think RSO would work