Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


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Boy HOWDY!!! That sounds like a better time than night fishing for catfish with a couple packs of smokes, a little chew, Freddie Fender on the 8-track, and a whole lot of malt liquor! :laughing:


Hey Bob!!! We did that too! Freddy fender was Freddy Mercury though


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Ps… all those things I listed in my previous post - minus the chew, is exactly what I was doing in my late teens :slight_smile:



I used to listen to both Freddies. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights on one day then Fat Bottom Girls the next. Confused the hell out of my friends.


Funny I was a dedicated rock and roller who loved listening to Glen Campbell lol

My first hs girlfriend loved 50s and 60s music. I think cause her mom listened to it.


Glenn Cambell, yes!! Every rocker has their soft moments. Sid Vicious had to have listened to Frank Sinatra to do that rendition he did of My Way.

And I don’t care who you are and what genre you identify with but you cannot tell me, and this means everybody, that you don’t secretly love the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

And who doesn’t love Dancing Queen?


@bobwags then how did you nail the Great Cornholio so flawlessly? :sunglasses:


I had the snf sound track. It was a love hate relationship though. I had to balance it with some America or three dog night or some of this





Don don daaaaahn, don don da-naaaaah… one of the first riffs I ever learned on guitar. Good pick. The band I would listen to quite often in my teens when I was high because they are the greatest Stoner band (that was missed by Stoners) of all time. Most know The Cover of the Rolling Stone and Sylvia’s Mother but they don’t know the rest that was the real music they were putting out.


I couldn’t stop laughing when they all started laughing at the beginning.

And yeah I liked the song Sylvia’s mother. As soon as I heard him taking you could tell he sang the song.

I missed a lot being in the army. I went in early 78 and got out in early 85. It was like I was in a time warp!



If any time there was to be away from everything that was about it. Music for the most part slumped with a few exceptions and computers were not really out yet. (Good God, can you believe that?) Socially it was cocaine so no loss to you there.

Yep, if ever there was a time to be in the service and away from everything that was it.


I was a victim of the lousy economy. Graduated high school and got frustrated with life and the lack of a difinitive future. And in the army they fed you. Lol. It worked for me.


Soo. I was cleaning out my file cabinet and going through some of the (site) stuff and came across the sample RK treats and granola. So a good 3 months after being prepared and packaged, that Krispie Treat was as fresh as ever. I was highly surprised that the rice retained any crunch at all.



That’s like finding a 20 spot in your winter jacket. By the way, the link to your website did not work.


It’s back up. I also launched the beginnings of (site)


I presume one must have a medical card or have caregiver status to participate?? Thx @Willd


Ha yeah cuz that’s how I roll…ha ha ha never straight ever forward
I withdrew the post so’s not to get into any trouble. I’m sure it’ll come up again closer to the event and I’ll make mention then