Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


@Fever is high. Hahahahaha. I buy them fresh at the market and simmer them in water for two to three hours and sometimes even longer. Let them cool off, pop them into the refrigerator and once they’re cold you just salt them and eat them like popcorn.


Ok how did you come across that as a snack? Was it a strange craving? Are you anemic?


Awesome! I’m so glad to hear that and thanks for the feedback! I gave you my early harvest - next time we meet i will give you the later harvest which is a serious sleep and pain aid :slight_smile:. That is, if we ever connect again, doh. You could probably find me if you hung around Longwood D at the right time of the day :roll_eyes: Or maybe the powers to be here will take pity on you, I and @kabongster and help us reconnect :two_hearts::high_brightness::paw_prints: Since we are all willing adults…ok that sounds wrong LoL


As a kid when I would visit my mother in Los Angeles one of the things she would cook would be chicken gizzards and hearts. I love them so a couple of times a year I will get the craving.

I’m the opposite of anemic. I’m not even supposed to be eating Oregon food. I have what’s called hereditary hemochromatosis which is a genetic disorder that causes the body to absorb all Iron that’s being taken in. So every two weeks I have to go in and have 500 milliliters of blood removed. It’s a lifelong deal but as time goes on I go in less and less. But I just can’t help those chicken hearts, gizzards, and livers. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I eat most anything. Last time I had chicken hearts it was in Ukraine but no flavor :confused:



That made me laugh out loud. Your last line, that is. I think it would be great for all of us to reconnect again. Maybe up in Maine in October if we take up @Willd 'so offer.

It would be great to hang out without being rushed. We will figure a way. And oh yes, bud has been a lifesaver. I still have maybe 4 days worth left and then it’s on to the brownie and then on to the Canna caps. Hopefully, God willing, in about 11 weeks I will have my own Supply.


Coma bud! Lol, hubby told me it gives him aspergers, being a supportive wife my reply was, “awesome, you’re expressing yourself!” … this is what happens when 2 INFJ personality types marry…:heart_eyes: And get stoned together


I salt the water I simmer them in and I also add some garlic powder and onion powder. Really helps with the flavor. I’m really bummed we missed you at the convention. We were all there at the same time but just didn’t know.


I was reading your comment right when you threw in the edits. Had I smoked already that would have just ended my day :slight_smile:

He’s lucky to be married to a badass grower like yourself.


Thanks man! I feel pretty lucky too…actually am grinding his weed stash for the weekend right now :heart:


the convention was too distracting to enjoy the company you all offered Sunday…to just sit instead of standing in doorways or being jostled by the crowd would have been nice, then to be able to chat and pass a joint or two outside in sunny weather…maybe a game of horse shoes, definitely a bonfire at night…and good people.


…and corn hole!


Are you saying HE will be there?


If he is, he is about to have his @$$ handed to him by me, it’s crazy town here now,@bobwags


Is that a canine competition course?


Yes, sorry I got my threads mixed up!



Stoner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


guilty as charged :nerd_face:
And there was a corn hole tourney here at the fairgrounds after the potluck. So happy it’s finally going to be summer soon :paw_prints::footprints::camping::heart_eyes:



Okay, now I can’t be the ONLY one who has not a clue as to what a cornhole tournament is. You may be thinking, why doesn’t the dumbass just Google it, however there’s a reason. I just ate half of a brownie that @Willd gifted me and it’s kicking in pretty fast. I just got done putting up my new 2 x 2 x 4 ft tent and I did it just in the nick of time :slight_smile:

I was going to go for one of the “strong” caps that @kabongster (el-kabongster) gifted us but figured I had better eat the brownie lest it go bad. I can’t feel my bottom lip or eyelids at the moment, and I think I have my shoulders up to my ears but I’m not sure. I don’t know if you ever do this but when high I tend to tighten up and raise my shoulders and then I have to tell myself to relax. Jeez, talk about Stoner!


Ok you made me belly laugh.

I grew up in Ohio. Corn capital of the near West.

Bean bag toss but bags are filled with feed corn. Throw them through holes in boards…

Lol stoner