Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


It’s just as good as blue dream just a little different


I’m leaning, getting much more comfortable @Willd …things are going well…

my wife and I love the label and I found the packaging/container easy to use… lol, easy an hour ago, a little more challenging, atm😆


Hahaha I haven’t stopped lmao since I read that an hour ago!


@kabongster @Willd yeah my hubby thinks that Lil’ Miss Cannabis is hawt, even if she is a cartoon drawing! Could totally see those labels at our local farmer’s market.



What the he’ll did you just say?


@kabongster r 2xL2 works great for me for the second phase of my day - Great pain relief but still getting things done. Thanks again for the meds my friend.



lol…that’s my higher math comparing #00 capsules to size #000 capsules…the #000 is 1 1/2 x’s the size #00 capsules.

the rest is my math

@Willd the capsules were soothing…they laid me down (thank you very much!) but I still needed to take the edge off my back pain so I went further and added pharmaceuticals.
My eyes closed but no sleep…maybe it was the addition of one of my favorite legal drugs, the caffeine in my coffee!


So @Sl1 gave, errrr, GIFTED, me a nice white widow bud. 3 hits of that two hours before bedtime and I’m flying and I sleep like a log. I’ve been doing that every day since Sunday so thank you for that. I’m so glad now that I am growing the White Widow.

@Willd gave me a Purple Haze seed which I will plant probably in the fall, and a double pack of brownies. I put one of the brownies in the refrigerator which I will consume over this weekend, and gave the other one to a gfriend i work with at who was supposed to come to the convention with me but at the last minute had to do something with family. She ate half of it Tuesday night, after taking two of the Canna caps (gifted to me by @kabongster ) at work then “two baby hits” off of a little chunk of the White Widow bud. At about 5 when I was home I got a text from her which simply said, “White Widow is the way to go.” She told me she was very messed up later at home. She actually came to work at 5 the next morning still in her pajamas so that should tell you how well she slept. True story. So thank you too @Willd

Now for the caps that @kabongster gave me. We both took one Tuesday morning at work and it kicked in with me in about 20 minutes. After 90 minutes I turned into a real goofball and of course my friend who took the other cap thought it would be a riot to put me in the position of dealing with public which was so much fun to do. <–sarcasm!

She kept telling me that she wasn’t really stoned but was feeling great but I pointed out to her that she had not stopped eating for the past 2 hours and that her eyes looked like two pee holes in the snow which made her start laughing so hard which told me all I needed to know.

Yesterday I took another one of the caps at work. This whole time we were taking the mild one’s, mind you. So I took it about 9am and felt a slight buzz coming on. At 10 o’clock I took my lunch, half an hour, and ate. By 10:45 I was so stoned that I literally was standing in the middle of the floor looking around not knowing what I was doing just before. The next three hours was a real tough one but I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I can’t imagine what the strong ones will do. So thank you, @kabongster

Also for the past 4 days I have not had to take my over-the-counter sleep medication which I have been taking for years.


Focusing real hard just standing there. I can see it now. Glorious haha


Exactly! And at the time I swear everybody was staring at me which of course they were because they were waiting for me to come to them but I didn’t think about that at the time.


It’s all good,
I’m having a case of the munchies right now.
Chocolate animal crackers, peanut butter m&m’s, pretzel sticks, and rice chex



Last week I tried rolling up and smoking some of the dried trim leaves. I didn’t expect anything to happen but I did get quite a buzz from it. I knew I was high when I was watching a movie while eating chilled salted chicken hearts in a bowl on the left side of me and at the same time eating Chips Ahoy cookies dipped in milk on the right. Anybody who says that there’s no THC in cannabis plants before they go to flower is dead wrong.


Double fisting the munchies, that’s some expert level stuff right there, lmao



Double fisting Munchies is one thing but dipping chocolate chip cookies into milk and popping salted chilled chicken hearts in your mouth at the same time, well, maybe a good psychologist is in order?


I was gonna say that is a strange combination



But then again all through my twenties my hangover recipe was a can of smoked oysters and a quart of chocolate milk. Sounds terrible but worked wonders for a hangover. I think it was the salt and sugar combination. So this really isn’t that big of a difference, is it? :slight_smile:


I guess not, I’ll stick to my cheese burger or fried bacon and eggs haha


Where did you find salted chilled chicken hearts?


Coward! :joy:


Nope, just nope.
I know much of a man I am good sir, I do to need food to tell me haha