Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


so there I was…after declining @Sl1’s offer to lead me to the highway for the ride home, I sat and looked at my printed directions…

  1. Head West

  2. Turn Left toward Grove Street.

okay, head west confused me right away…I forgot to pack a compass
and I had watched Sl1 leave already and as I looked at the signs from the commuter lot, the highway was to the Right…and I was confused, dazed and confused, and I thought step 2 was leave the lot going Left…so I sat in my car a few minutes thinking. That didn’t work, so I just drove.
I gave in to “follow the signs” and thought as I went around the curved exit/entrance onto another highway, I knew I was headed in the wrong direction…until I saw a sign for Worcester then I relaxed…a little further a sign for I-84 and I knew I was home!


Follow the sun, my boy. Follow the sun…


no rabbit food here with the exception of the devils lettuce!lol


lol, I was sore, tired, hungry…oh yeah, a small bowl of cereal at 7AM and nothing else till I got home 5PM…I didn’t eat the candy at the booths (like some people I went with, this person was on a sugar high the whole time) and never stopped for the concession stands.

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the car I couldn’t find, damn freebies were everywhere!!


Well I medicated the hell out of myself today and everything seemed to work as expected from the joint in the power hitter as soon as the lung butter cleared early this morning to the @kabongster caps around noon and a couple extra green chocolate rice krispie treat snax about 20 minutes ago. Finding eating the edible products like brownie bites, krispie treats, pesto, toast, hits quicker than swallowing caps but doesn’t seem to last as long. When I take several of lower dose oil caps I like to keep 1 out and let it melt under my tongue for to achieve both sublingual + gut uptake. My “nutes”, if you will.

It did make me totally forget to cook the beans I put to soak before I left for NECC yesterday.


lol, and after I took my caps and toked up, my wife told me her part of the shopping trip was cancelled so I hurriedly drove to the hardware store for my stuff and went to work in the yard…driving a car is about the only thing I don’t do, unless necessary, under the influence

get me high and set me loose in the back yard…heavy machinery and getting medicated mix so well, imo, lol!!
every tree I have ever taken down, and there are dozens, has been while under the influence, that crack as the tree starts to fall is so exhilarating, so scary in it’s announcing it’s imminent falling/felling.


I love to medicate then hop on an ole back road or highway when it’s nice an warm an the breeze is cool, just lay the seat back an cruise an maybe even burn one while cruizin

That County line cruising


@Hawkeye_diesel your comment made me think of this song!


Eh colt ford’s original version is better imo, but yeah great song


I was gonna post his but I figured more folks would recognize aldeans version


Yeah more than likey yeah they know this one haha



So it’s 6am, I’m at work, and me and a co-worker took one each of your mild cap. I’m feeling it. Should be an interesting morning…


good morning @BobWags

have a pleasant day, I look forward to your opinion, and @Sl1 and @Willd

That reminds me…thank you very much for the gift Master Chef @Willd …I am awake and sore from yesterday’s yard work. Rain is coming today, heavy at times…I would love to try the oil? out, what is your recommended dosage in milliliters please?


At work…lol, I hope you both have fun…one mild cannacapsule and you felt it…please be totally honest, as I want to know where to improve this system.


Good morning. I don’t know the actual ml dosage, the graduations have worn off the plastic syringe I use to fill caps. A full syringe fills nine 000 caps. Everyone is different. I would try at least 3 of them. the reason I switched to just putting decarbd bud in the caps is because I was having to take 8 of the oil caps for a dose.

The 4 mild ones worked good yesterday. I am going to try the strong ones today. I will just try 2 to start.


I had such a loooooong day yesterday, out the door at 6:30 am and finally home at 9:30 pm, in tons of back pain but took a hot shower and fell asleep, I could have used a few strong kabongster caps but passed out before I could partake…got little sleep, back is killing me, off to work again and no meds till 5:30 pm :disappointed:

That’s enough complaining from me, everyone have a great day and for you who are retired or work from home, please take an extra puff in my honor today !

@kabongster I will dose just on kabongcaps this evening and give some feedback :heart_eyes:


walking up and down stairs is tolerable…it’s the baggage whether Max, our 25+ lb schnauzer 9 year old pup (he got frightened by the stairs dunno how I carry him now) or a bucket of water, I’m keeping those trips down to a minimum.

A few small projects then three capsules worth and some old movies on TV that with luck I can watch with my eyes closed😉!

Thanks so very much @Willd !!

The dry decarb herb cannacapsules work and are easy and quick to make…a great convenient solution.


I got you sis. 1 puff of either nyc diesel or purple dream common up :sunglasses:


I gotta try purple dream :heart:️, thanks bro, you and the pup have a great day !


so…7 #00 capsules filled 2/3rds of the way…7 x 2/3 = 14/3 = 4 2/3 #00 caps

3 #000 caps = 4 1/2 #00.


I’m on my way!