Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


i have a question actually @willd, bubble hash. watched the youtube thingys watched a few others, understand it but after you grate it then what?


lol, I’ll join you!..

my wife has shopping for us planned, this will make me more amenable to her actions.



4??? I’m scared to do one mild. I will definitely be interested to know your opinion.


I took 2 mild last night about 30 mins before bed, definitely felt them coming on, and slept like a baby. Perfect transition from @willd 's BK to sleepytime. Thank you SO much @kabongster I really like them, going for the strong tonight.



Twice last night I smoked a couple of big clumps of the bud you gave me. And on the couch watching the latest Star Trek movie and swearing to God that I never saw at least half of it which is BS because I’ve seen the movie several times. But for the life of me I could not recall a good 45 minutes of that film. I have to do laundry and clean up today so I’m going for another bowl full so thank you for that :slight_smile:


I’ve never taken it that far. I save the plops I dried on cardboard and just break off bits. It’s to dry it further I believe. Then you just press it all back together into a chunk or chunks if you’re fortunate enough to have produced that much.


I believe it’ll be a powder almost?
If so I think you could sprinkle in a joint or bowl or smoke it by itself would probably give you a real kick. I’m not sure that’s me thinkin.
We’ll never mind I didn’t see Willd’s post


I forgot which strain you said the caps were made from. Was that the gold leaf?


yeah grating with a microplane help dry it further. it is a good way to keep it in a more “sprinklable” for to lace into a J or top a bowl with. I do both. I like it in a joint or by itself in a little pipe. it gets the volcano bag too gooey too quickly to use it like that but boy is it ever tasty. it’s concentrated trichs so yeah it’s gets you good and plenty.


hmmm, a majority contributor would be Northern Lights with some Gold Leaf…maybe a 80%-20% favoring the NL?

the mild? are the mixed sugar leaves, the stronger? is small and airy Northern Lights bud matter.


thank you Mr @kabongster sir. I am already feeling it. Thanks. :smile:


oh no!! and I haven’t made my move to join you

well…excuuuuuse me!!!

edit…3 mild are taken…running low, time to make some more!


I’ve seen it done and watched the videos, but I’ve never gotten to try it. One day when I get my op up and runnin properly an have a little stockpile I plan to start tryin and making all kinds of things haha one day


I feel a little something already @BobWags but mild.
Titration of edibles is a developed skill. I’ve been using cannabis pretty consistently for many years and have a pretty good idea how it’s going to hit me. Although every so often I get a sample of this or that and it knocks my socks off. I’ve also been using the same 2 strains for over a year and a half so I may have developed a strain specific tolerance to these.


@Willd @kabongster

I guess I won’t be giving them a try at work at 5 in the morning. I will give one I shot tomorrow when I get home from work.

I have the laundry going, the bowl is packed, and I’m heading out on the patio for a few minutes then I will start cleaning up, at least that’s the plan. You all are such a bad influence. Haven’t smoked weed since 1981 but I’ve been stoned for the past 5 days. The devil’s lettuce! :slight_smile:

PS a co-worker’s 95 yr old grandmother told her last week to be careful this weekend in Boston because “there’s a big convention going with all those people who smoke the devil’s lettuce.” True story.


I actually saw and recorded Reefer Madness the other night when it was on haha. That is a hilarious film poorly portrayed but kinda funny. Black and white makes it even better


That is, and has always been one of my favorite euphemisms for cannabis.
I will take your stash ff your hands to alleviate any guilt you’re experiencing about partaking as well. Just let me know if that’s where you’re going with that @bobwags!


Weeeeeeeeeell, I’ll let you know after the first lettuce harvest :smiling_imp:


It’s the only lettuce I deal with haha


what I started with, what technique I used to decarb, the decarb instrument, consistency of final product, your tolerance…all variables in my home packed cannacapsules.

I believe the strong? capsules will be less variable in weight but consistency will be, hmmm, inconsistent?
I packed the strong? fuller I think, but what do I know…I was watching TV medicated packing capsules…even tho balances have been in use for weighing for centuries, I just eyed them.