Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


my bag of goodies a few paid for mostly free to get rid of me


Damn, @kabongster , you scored twice as much as me. I have to admit that you can smell out samples better than a bloodhound on a pheasant hunt. And you scored TWO of the 3-bottle GH nutes. I should have hung on your elbow the whole time :laughing:


I moved into their booth and wouldn’t go till they gave me stuff.
The GH booth was easy, I was telling people how much luck I was having with Advanced Nutrients and they gave me double to leave😉


Now why do I think you might actually do that? Hahaha heh heh heh…


lol, I told the good people at the General Hydroponics booth that they were my primary target…very nice, informative folks!

Another target was the Boveda booth…then the assorted supplements followed by things I couldn’t afford…lights, electronics, some that were very high end scientific equipment, large scale grow equipment
and a few assorted retail tee shirt and smoking accessories booths.


Ha ha ha…our bags were too heavy, we all started complaining about our backs and wanted to go home :stuck_out_tongue:, so nice to spend the afternoon with you guys, why didn’t we exchange numbers/emails? @bobwags @kabongster

What a fun time, I hope everyone here has the opportunity to experience legalization in their State. :heart_eyes: I really enjoyed meeting with all of the organizations that have helped bring about a positive awareness of cannabis and it’s many benefits :heart_eyes:.

Also loved meeting with the home grow companies - learned a lot from Mike at the General Hydroponics booth…he really helped me understand some of the key benefits and challenges of hydroponics … very nice to have that conversation – kind of like the great support shared here.

@bobwags happy to make the gift to you, and if you are saving yourself for your first grow I totally understand

@kabongster you have given me great advice here so happy to repay it - thanks for canna caps!

@willd I bow down to your, sir, fine BK thank you so much, made our evening paddle bliss - wishing you tremendous success and prosperity here in NE


That Bubba Kush is really good. I wish I could find some seeds for it haha

I wish I could of been there maybe down the road sometime. Looks like a blast and some goodies


As a matter of fact, there was a company selling seeds there, many strains…ILGM should seriously consider representing at the October 2017 NECANN in Portland Maine.

These guys were awesome, loved meeting and learning about the good things they are doing, :heart:️ Thought of you @hawkeye_diesel, they go hiking together, help fellow vets set up and grow, I was so impressed -

Would be fun to maybe consider some type of gathering or meet up around the Portland NECANN - some nice State Psrks nearby for camping.


That’s pretty cool. It would be be apart of a network like that.


The most beneficial part of attending for me was meeting the ILGM forum people. I was running late and failed to break out my pencil and pad I had right in pocket to exchange contact info. I was hoping to gain some knowledge from a legal and corporate standpoint.

Knowing I had a 4 hour ride home ahead of me and a pup waiting at home, I really couldn’t get out of there quickly enough, so I’m confident I just missed the parts I wanted to hear. I will give it another shot when NECC comes to Portland, ME in Oct when I don’t feel so pressured to get the hell back on the road.

The take away is that it’s still very much the “Wild West” even in states where rec has been legal longest and the ground rules are still changing and evolving daily in many cases. I have no illusions it’s a lot of hard work and overcoming of obstacles. I was expecting to hear more than how difficult it’s been for these panel members to overcome the stigma of being involved in a cannabis based business. The focus seemed to be more on how to secure employment with an existing cannabis based business than launching or operating a new one.
I have a job, thanks.

There was a lot of great swag but overall I was disappointed by the lack of corporate, legal and patient advocate knowledge demonstrated by some of the more aggressive vendors who approached me. One was was pushing pops on my sister in law who said she suffered from fibromyalgia which he thought was a skin affliction rather than the common definition.

The entire event was geared almost exclusively toward an audience of novice growers and consumers, which is great for that demographic and can only increase the base of a exploding market.


@willd left my contact info on your site, hope we can connect again, and if you need some volunteer farm help from time to time on a weekend this summer, give me a shout. I’d be happy to lend a hand and see how the outdoor Grow works.


You nailed it @Willd
I bypassed probably 60% of the booths. Parts of it felt more like a flea market atmosphere and then other parts or more information based. I think I would have been disappointed had I not lived in the area. It was a very simple quick drive for me.

Had the three of you not planned on going I don’t think I would have gone to it by myself. I’m glad I did because I got to meet you 3 and I got some cool samples. Half of my samples I’m going to be passing on to @blazedbarista44 since she wanted to go but had previous engagements.


Yea my take was sort of “I already have my equipment thanks” would have liked to meet you all.


Sorry I missed ya man. Next time I attend a day long event in Boston I’m staying over. I forget how much 9 hours of windshield time eats up the day. I spent about 5x longer on the road than I did at the event.



Were you there?


Yes I was there but wasn’t really feeling it. Was cool to get some cbd rubs and stuff though.


Damn! I sent you a message here with my description in the hopes that if you were there you would be able to find us but it was probably sent too late. What a bummer.


Sorry we missed you @fever


No big deal. The only description I had was of @Willd and I went up to a guy in overalls and freaked him out lol


I just popped 4 of the “mild” caps given to me by @kabongster. I’ll let you know how they hit me in a bit.