Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


…and I’ll be the tall guy who looks like he has a headache from smoking the trimmings of his vegging plants.


lol,are you having to tough it out @BobWags?[quote=“BobWags, post:244, topic:9307”]
…and I’ll be the tall guy who looks like he has a headache from smoking the trimmings of his vegging plants



Yep. It works…kinda. Maybe it’s that neem oil I’m feeling :scream:


i’m in the same boat brother! maybe today you can get one of our ilgm friends to share …lol i bet there will be plenty around! lol


I’m bringing a few white widow seeds in the hope that maybe I can trade for something different. I don’t know why but you know how it goes. Once you get rolling on this you just want to try all kinds of different things.


@kabonster ha ha no worries, I’ll get you there :v:


A lovely day in downtown Boston.

Oh well…


Be aware of that there is no signal inside the convention center. It could just be T-Mobile but I have to go outside to get anything


@Fever Are you here? If you are here I am the tall one with the long curly blonde hair, blue jeans, red flannel shirt and black jacket. Ya can’t miss me, unfortunately. @Sl1 @kabongster are walking around enjoying many free samples. We met @Willd then he had to run upstairs to the other show.



So great meeting and hanging out with @kabongster, @bobwags and @willd — I was somehow able to recognize each one of you from a crowd based solely upon the good vibes you share here​:heart_eyes::seedling:

Sorry we missed you @fever I still have your seed !

The conference had a lot in the way of business development, high end extraction technologies, plus hydro and tents, home Grow options, lots of nutrient companies. Roots Organics from Oregon gave away FREE thier entire line of start to finish nutes plus a tshirts and reggae cd :heart_eyes:, super generous and I can’t wait to grow a start to finish strain with their stuff.

1st grow-MA-White Widow

that’s awesome @Sl1!


Back at ya, @Sl1 I agree with all you said. You did great picking us out. I did think that you two were who you are but I was just going to wait it out and see what happened.

Didn’t @kabongster look like a kid in a Toys R Us? It was great to watch. He was like a thoroughbred out of the gate :slight_smile:

We certainly did score on the samples, didn’t we? When I got home I had to water and feed one of the plants so I took out every sample and read every label and got so overwhelmed I just fed her with what I’ve been feeding her. Like you I will wait for the next grow.

I wish we all could have gone and just sat in a park for a while and talked. That would have been a nice addition to the afternoon. (Why didnt we all exchange ph #s?) Glad you made it home all right and let’s hope that we hear from @kabongster and @Willd soon.

Major Score!!!

But the best surprise were the gifts from all three of you so thank you @Willd for the brownies and the purple haze seed. Thank you @kabongster for the infused capsules (Im scared) which could last me another 31 years, and thank you, @Sl1 (Janis) for the fat dense white widow bud. Since you wanted to be the first one to blow my mind since 1981 I am going to partake in your gift later on this evening.

And @Sl1 , you DO remind me of this fine lady. I should have shown you my phone because Janis is my wallpaper.


It was a great day…and what made it so great was meeting @Sl1 @BobWags & @Willd
to meet like minded folks with such a positive and sharing mindset…yes, I had a smile on my face…all I needed to see would be a giraffe named Geoffrey walking around the hall.

Thank you so very much @Sl1 …without your directions, I would have probably turned around and gone back home never getting to the cannaconvention.


@Sl1 @Willd

Agreed @kabongster. You all were very comfortable to be with. It would be easy to hang around a porch drinking coffee and taking hits with all of you

You didn’t have your giraffe with you but you did pose with a giant marijuana plant. :slight_smile:

Glad you made it home without incident.


We just got back too. yeah I regret we didn’t regroup or exchange into i have a contact form on my website…
The white widows will go into their own bag for next grow.
So until we meet again @BobWags @kabongster & @Sl1 enjoy the grow.
Congrats to @sl1 on the run results


who me?


Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Ohhhhh god, that’s funny. That’s a definite wallpaper on one of my computers or tablet. I think that woman on the left was a bit worried that mr. Cannibud was going to cop a feel.


I love roots organic :slight_smile:



I kept an eye open for you all the way to the end because I wanted to toss you another seed. I don’t know why I didn’t give you two right there. But I thank you for your gifts and it was great to meet you. I’m glad to know you got home safely.


Jealous wish I went