Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


Glad you’re safe brother
There will be other conventions haha



Aw man, what a drag. Sorry to hear that. At least it didn’t wait until you got into Connecticut to give out. Maybe it’s one of those signs that you should just skip this year. I don’t see why but who knows. Hopefully next year, Will.


Bummer! Gonna miss meeting and thanking you both in person for the growing support! At least it happened close to home, @garrigan62 is this your new Caddy? Sorry my friend that sucks :frowning:


@garrigan62 real sorry to hear about the car problems, @latewood we will all miss the two of you…

@Sl1 @BobWags these are my final and best directions? then the green line into town…

if coming from CT > 84 to Mass pike east, to 128 south, exit less than a half mile on 21-21B Grove St, exit for Grove St splits right, then merges left onto Grove, Riverside T 1/10 up on left. This is the MBTA Green Line D.



The Greenline west of Boston is a mystery to me. I could not tell you Riverside from Cleveland Circle from New York City. Personally if I was driving in and arriving before 10 I would just drive into Boston itself and find free parking. Most of the meters are free on Sunday unless posted otherwise. I doubt if Boylston or Newbury streets are free but the financial district and Government Center are all free parking on Sunday. Any place within the city you park is just a short walk to a subway train.

Sorry I can’t help you with the green line. The advantage of the green line is it stops right across the street and one block up from the convention center but Boston is so small it’s so easy to get anywhere in a short amount of time.



my memories of Boston are from visiting it decades ago with my wife…there are lots of positives but there is one negative memory…of us driving around, I don’t recall where we were going, but I do remember driving over the same toll bridge three times but the toll bridge was never our destination!

if I had company to share my anxiety, I’d drive into town…but alone I’d be afraid to leave the main road!


@kabongster - let me know of you want to meet at riverside and ride in together, I’m five minutes from the station so anytime works

Green line D riverside right to Hines convention center - super easy - those directions look good, also of you plug riverside station newton ma into your map software you should get it



Hahahahaha… you went over the Tobin Bridge three times! That’s hilarious. You probably have not been here since they took the expressway that was above ground and put it under ground. There really is no traffic before 10 in the morning downtown. Not really. Taxis, Uber’s and garbage trucks.


@Sl1 THANK YOU I will take advantage of that offer!!!

I have printed my Google maps directions to Riverside and back home from there.

It’s approximately an hour and a half ride there…I was hoping for an early start, leave my house about 8:00-8:30 getting me to Riverside 9:30-10:00
Would that early work for you or should I start out a little later?

lol,@BobWags yep, visit a great historic city and all I recall is that incident.

Parking in a commuter lot and a short ride in, a short walk to the convention center, I’m keeping it simple…when I get there I’ll see my mistake seeing lots of free parking but for now I can lighten up on the medicating and not worry.



Keeping it simple is a good thing.


I look forward to catching up with you all tomorrow.
I should be easy enough to recognize by the company logo hanging from my overalls.


I’ll be the guy in the jeans! You can’t miss me.
You’ll know what I mean tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have no idea how I copy and pasted your post. I’m on my phone and I have no idea how to do all that stuff. I think I’m high.


so hempest is at booth 420 seems like a good number for people to meet. I hope to be hanging out there between 11-11:30 then I have seminars to attend. just walk up and introduce yourself by your ILGM forum screen name.


@kabongster - okay great. Can we meet at Riverside at 10:00am?

When you drive in, you will need to follow the entry road to the right, then turn right again by a small ticket booth to park, it’s $6-they take cash or debit cards. To the left across from the ticket booth is a small brick building, that is a bus station- don’t go there. The train platform is up one flight - I’ll meet you in front of the stairs OK? Up the stairs before the turnstiles is a “Charlie Card” machine for your train ticket , IIRC it’s 3.75 each way - you can buy a preloaded ticket for both ways. The machine takes cash, credit, debit. Hope that helps, sorry if you know all this already :stuck_out_tongue:

Hempfest 420 booth to meet @Willd between 11-11:30 sounds good my friend!

Looking forward to putting names to faces, I’ll probably only hang around a few hours, promised the hubby I’d be home in the afternoon to go for a paddle :heart_eyes:


Sounds good @Willd I’m looking forward to it.


Hey if folks are interested, here is the NECANN FB page showing some of the goings on


It’s a beautiful day here in Boston. Sunny and reaching 60 degrees today. Here is a short article about the goings-on yesterday at the convention. Not a whole lot of information but hey, at least the article made the Boston Herald and I believe US News did an article on it. Anyway, here’s from the Boston Herald.


THANKS again…YES, 10:00AM sounds perfect.

I know nothing of the commuter system in place…your directions were necessary to get me to the train on time…I am a simple person living in an increasingly complicated life…I’d of gotten lost in the parking lot!

I’ll be the 63 year old guy with glasses hiding the blood shot eyes!


Yep, US News also did an article on the convention.