Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


Yeah so I just made a little screen shot showing how where I grew up it was a shorter trip from Rocky Point in Warwick to Colt State Park in Bristol by boat than by car. The other alternate was to go 41 miles through Newport.

That Rabbit owed me nothing. I paid $850 for it and put 50k miles on it in about 3 years. Then sold it for $850.Ok I lie a little. Besides a few hundred in routine maintenance I did put $350 into it to paint it black because it was red. ha ha ha. I don't mind red cars anymore. I used to think they were speeding ticket magnets :beetle: Turns out I was the speeding ticket magnet



That’s amazing that by boat it’s so much shorter than by car. I have a story about having to ride my motorcycle across the Golden Gate Bridge during a storm. They were going to close the bridge down because of high winds and I had to get to work but anyway that story is for another time when we talk about close encounters with death.

Those little rabbits were fantastic and I’m extremely tall and there was still a lot of headroom in that little gangster.

Time to make dinner and then prepare myself for bed. See you on Sunday!


@willd I have GL and WW fem, NL (regular). I’d be looking to trade for any of the fruity seeds … just let me know Sunday, or no worries, it’s all good. I’ll try for 11am.


Really excited to go!
I have 10 ww auto already but wanted a regular ww fem. that said I am just going to bring a superskunk and a green crack and see what everyone else brings!


That or a blue dream :relieved:


Exhibitor floor plan


@fever I’ll bring a few WW fem…I just ordered the auto mix pack, lol…will be looking for fruity stuff :slight_smile:


The weather is looking decent for the weekend in Boston. A morning shower possible on Saturday but will give way to some sunshine and very comfortable temperatures.


This here is dedicated to those ( @garrigan62 , @latewood and everyone else) who are coming to the convention and will be using the subway trains.


Here is a screen shot from an email from the Convention folks. For those of you who want the event app on your phone you can get it at your play store Apple Store.

This is the actual app you need:


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting pretty psyched about this! Trading seeds and “road-showing” some goods. Hopeful to make some personal connections and help kick up the interest in some of the cannabis based business concepts and ancillary opportunities I have been developing since Question 1 passed in Maine.


Me too @willd!


I am very excited…I’ll have that “kid in a candy store” look, amazed at the exhibition hall filled with tokers!


Hey Will, I have a story to tell you that should ease your mind about any trouble happening at the convention.

Today I was talking to a Boston police officer down by the Boston Commons park. I joked with him and said, “you will remember me this weekend at the cannabis convention and leave me alone, won’t you?”

He chuckled, waved his hand, and made a PSSH sound. He told me that yesterday there were hundreds of people gathered in the Boston Common all sparking up joints in celebration of 420. They were told to just leave everybody alone. Then the station started getting calls from a couple of people saying people were smoking marijuana in the park! Oh my God! He told me that dispatch had an order for them to write no tickets, confront no one, and to just walk through once just so their presence will be felt and then they left. It is illegal to smoke anything, even e-cigarettes in the Commons and that’s what he was referring to about writing tickets. You can get a ticket I think it’s $100 for smoking a cigarette or an e-cigarette in the park. Ridiculous but true.

Boston police couldn’t give a rat’s behind if people are smoking weed. I went to the Grateful Dead concert at Fenway Park this past summer and Ive never seen so much smoke at a show. At first I honestly thought they had a smoke machine and after a few minutes I finally got the whole picture. There were Boston police throughout the whole stadium and they just stood there talking to people and paying no attention to it.


@garrigan62 here is all you need to know to stay out of trouble in Boston

“Stop for all pedestrians in crosswalks”

Yup, that’s it. If you do that, you’ll fly under the radar all weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


Even if they cross against the light… cause they do in Boston.


Guilty as charged! :stuck_out_tongue:



No, no NO!!! I’ve gotten really good at just clipping their heels. Took me years but I finally got it down. Even more fun on the motorcycle :slight_smile:


Anyway @garrigan62 and @latewood I believe have been on the road all day and we’re planning on arriving in Boston tonight. Good luck with the Friday commuter traffic in town, guys!


Hey guy’s we are not going to be making it this year.
When I left the house and about 47.8 mile out the transmission went out.
I was on my way to get Latewood when it happend at or about 6:30 am E.S.T
I did manage to get it back to the house. The dash lights up and said Transmission over heating Idel engine in Nutural.
Sorry to all of you who had plains to hook up with Latewood and I