Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


I’m just throwing this out there for anyone who’s going to the convention in Boston and who would be interested in trading a couple of feminized seeds. I have feminized White Widow seeds I bought from Robert which I would be willing to trade for a couple of other seeds that are feminized of a different strain that are not Autoflower.

If anyone is interested just throw me a line.


@bobwags I’d be interested as well, I have WWFem to trade. Looking for hybrids.

@willd what time do you and your friends think you’ll be arriving? The convention starts at 10am - IIRC you are heading down from ME that morning?



Too bad we both have the same seeds. Maybe somebody will come along who will trade one seed with each of us :slight_smile:

I don’t know yet what time everybody is arriving. I live in the area so I will just mosey in probably around 11. I believe @garrigan62 and @latewood are going both Saturday and Sunday and most others are going on Sunday but nobody has said what time yet. That will probably be thrown together at the last minute but I think noon would be a good bet.


I have an order coming in that may arrive before the convention but at this point I have superskunk fem to trade


@Fever Well, if you are interested in fem white widow seeds and you’re coming to the convention then you’re on. If you want two ww seeds then you can trade one each with me and @Sl1


I plan to be there at opening time, 10:00AM…it’s a two hour plus ride so my exact arrival time is questionable, lol


We’re planning on around 11. Have to get to RI to wish my Mom a happy 82nd birthday in person for 8-ish and then back track to beantown. I purchased 3 Mixpacks X 3 and 1 Mixpack X 5 so here’s what I have to trade.

I would be interested in any other strains of fem seeds provided they aren’t auto.















Well, I would definitely be willing to trade White Widow for any indica dominant that you may want to trade. I have a 3 x 3 x 6 foot tent that I have to deal with therefore the shorter strains.


dang wild,thats quite the smorgesborge you have there @Willd


I will have one super skunk and one green crack to trade for either strawberry Kush or super silver haze



I’m just going to bring along a few feminized White Widow seeds and once there if anybody has some they want to trade then the deed will be done :slight_smile:

It seems like the bubble gum is close to the White Widow it in most ways?


My ticket has been bought, that’s half the battle…now to find Boston before the convention ends!


After having the same 2 strains for the past 2 years I wanted to do some variety. We’re on track to enter the edibles market sometime in 2018 so I’m conducting tests with as many strains as I can legally grow at once until I secure a commercial growers license. Maine keeps pushing up the date when they’ll open up the license application process making it all the more likely we’ll have all our ducks in a row by the time we get the green light.


Turn left at New York City!


Half the one ways run in a crescent so what I do is point right at a landmark near where I want to go and drive away from it in any direction. DO NOT drive toward any landmark more than a block or 2 away. You will never ever get there. The road that starts heading southwest ends up putting you northeast of where you started. Really.


Especially in Boston where for the most part the old cow trails were paved over and made into roads which accounts for the street system being set up in a sort of wagon wheel or spider web configuration. I think they set the city up just to mess with the British minds. :smiling_imp:

East Boston is not east of Boston but is north and slightly east. South Boston is east of Boston. There is no West or north Boston at all. And one-ways? Fuh-git-abow-dit. It can take you 10-15 min to drive from point A to point B yet had you parked at point A you could’ve walked to point B in 3 min or less.

Park at a T Station and take the train in.


I commuted the pike from Woodstock, CT to 100 Fed for 5 years working for Fleet Boston Financial in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I’m familiar.
My sister in law lives on Queensbury St right by Fenway. We’re parking there and taking the bus over.
Oddly enough Crescent St is one of the least curved streets in Boston.
The round trip is already 9 hours and we’re leaving superdog home standing on a T platform isn’t anything I do anymore


You did that commute into the financial district everyday? What a drag. I work in town as well and that’s getting to be a little expensive driving in. Normally I have to take a bus 4:45 a.m. and get off at Haymarket at 5 and walk very fast up over Beacon Hill down into the commons. Not fun in the winter.

Now that the weather is better I will have to stop driving into town and just go for the bus. Not looking forward to it.


Sometimes I was at 2 Morrisey by the Bayside Expo. But yeah. I was in for 7AM and out at 3:30PM
If I left any time after 5:30 I could plan on being at least 30 minutes late. If I left after 3:30 the 1h30m commute could easily become 2-3 hours on a Friday afternoon or 4+hours in snow. The last couple of years was in an 1987 Rabbit convertible with no heat since my ex got both vehicles in our divorce. I commuted from East Greenwich, RI for the first couple of years which was just as bad if not worse. I lasted through 2 mergers but the final one with BofA sealed the deal. When they made me pay for my previously free checking account, I walked into my local branch and closed it out of spite.



Banks, ugh. Sorry you had to go through all that BS but the end of your story about BofA is pretty funny.

I loved my Volkswagen Rabbit! The 1997 April Fool’s Day blizzard that rabbit went through that snow well, like a rabbit. It just went like a bat out of hell. Rip my little red rabbit.