Cannabis Convention in Boston this April 2017


Any folks from New England going to the 2017 New England Cannabis Convention at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston this April? I’m not a vendor nor a pusher of tickets but this is the only link I could find. I hope I’m not breaking any rules here.

Problem solved. Here is the NECANN website with dates.

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You know I dont know honestly as its not promoting offsite seeds, lets check with @Macgyverstoner and @latewood. I dont wanna have you remove something that doesnt need to be removed.

Thanks guys for the clarification


Thanks for checking. I guess I could have just put the place, time, and date.


No problem with this share. Thanks. Wish I could go :slight_smile:


Great. Looks like there is something for everybody at this convention. I think it’s going to be a good time. Thanks again.


Nice :+1:
I’m going to talk to the wife about this and see about scheduling a quick trip to the east lol thanks for the info @BobWags sounds interesting for sure



First i would like to welcome you to ILGM
Here @ ILGM there is a very respectful and knowledgeable community.
There seems to be a growing in membership from New England. I myself included.
Norwell, Mass
But that sounds like another road trip coming up…lol
Maybe i can stop in and pickup @latewood and bring him as well.
We’ll have to see what come’s up



Mainer here likely to attend.


We’ll have to wear our online or forum name on our shirts


Maybe ILGM can get a space in a future event promoting the web store and site ? Then we could all stop by and sign in :+1::grin::sunglasses:
Just a thought


Just my opinion, but i could run that by latewood. And as for Robert , he is a business man, It would be to his advanage to have two of his Moderator;s promote his online business.



Just a short subway trip for me. Would be nice for those of us who are going if we attempt to arrange to go on the same day so we can meet up for face-to-face introductions.


It would be a good move for ILGM.


I will likely make Sunday. Running my first trail 21km that Saturday :slight_smile:


Your first? Who are you kidding? You’ll be laying on your couch Sunday, smoking a bowl to kill the pain :laughing:


@BobWags lol yeah I’ve done a Snowshoe Half Marathon and run Boston but this will be the first trail race at that distance…I’ll be the little lady at the Cannabis Conventon limping ;/)


I once ran The Dipsea race in Marin County. Up nearly 700 stairs through the woods, running through the Redwoods and then down the mountain to the beach. Starts in Mill Valley & ends at Stinson Beach. Seven and a half miles I think it is.

But then I was in the seventh grade and didn’t mean to run the race. Just going to join my girlfriend and her friend for the first leg but I ended up running the whole thing. Regaled in full green and white pinstripe bell bottoms and three coats tied around my waist. So good luck :slight_smile:

You won’t be the ONLY one limping.


You know the big guy is in Netherlands, right? LOL :slight_smile:


Hey! Are we there yet?


Yes sir I do lol?
I was only making the suggestion for future conventions I thought it would be good for business with how popular growing is becoming in this country my friend I truly wasn’t thinking this time @latewood