Cannabis coffee?

I have a LEVO machine and have made gummies also made coconut infused oil and butter… but my brother in law wants me to make infused coffee… how can I do this since water and thc will separate? Is there a step by step recipe and perhaps a video? I was wanting to make him a gallon of water infused but not sure how.


Never tried that but maybe the decarbed weed mixed in with coffee grounds and ran through a drip coffee maker would work??? Probably taste like :poop: but might work :love_you_gesture:


:rofl: :rofl: :man_mage: :rofl:


I think you’d have to filter it pure to get rid of odd flavors… Then you could infuse half & half, Milk, or something with fat. Not sure if almond juice… I refuse to call it milk… Insults us mammals…has fat.

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There’s a ‘combat coffee’ recipe that calls for infused coconut oil instead of cream. It is whisked into the cup of coffee. You can also use plain old butter infused as well. It works but hard to control the dosage.