Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS


@latewood, It seems to be the general consensus that as usage increases via legalization, the persons who do experience it are more likely to come forward about thier usage. Also, as it becomes more common place, the number of reports are increasing as users increase. I know its not a conspiracy. At first glance however, it seems that way. After 30 years of use I was very skeptical. How could it be that the drug I used for help made it worse. It cannot be denied however. Within 24 hours of stopping the vomiting stopped. After a week or so the symptoms backed off a lot. As usage resumed… boom it’s back. Stop and it backs off. I have noticed all the reference to hot showers helping. I can say so far I have not learned that response. Hopefully I won’t have to try it!


I absolutely experienced this as well… But with synthetic marijuana. USING SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA IS NOT A DECISION I WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE… not even once. It was a while back and I thought I was going to die as well. I quit and symptoms went away. will never smoke that garbage again. Thankfully, I’ve never had that same experience with natural weed.


it seems to me that no matter what people eat, drink, smoke. even touch, tha there will be a percentage that has some form of reaction or sensitivity to it. . so much more research has to be done to find the truth instead of rumors and hearsay.


Like everything on this earth, cannabis is something that in my opinion, should be used in moderation. No matter how great this plant actually is, I don’t think it is healthy to be smoking it all day long, every single day. You eat too many bananas, you can somewhat overdose on potassium, and bananas are one of the best fruits on earth health wise. Just my opinion anyway, no scientific background whatsoever, but as i said, moderation is the key, not just for health, but for enjoying the full effect of it. Peace :v:


This isn’t a rumor @blahblahblah, guaranteed. That said, I agree that no matter what we consume there will be persons with sensitivity. So far it looks like we are finding a small percentage reacts to long term heavy use. That is what I am hoping to remedy with a closer watch on frequency and quantity, I am hoping to control it. It would be quite interesting if we find in future studies, that persons with a high degree of allergy, might be the small percentage that experience CHS. I think the key here is learning the proper amounts for each person. Or maybe for some not at all. Again, if I eat a handful of peanuts, I am dead. Literally. If I eat a crumb I get a mild reaction. Some people can tolerate a small amount of milk but not a lot. They still enjoy an ice cream and are careful not to over do it. The biggest change for me is the potency of the IGLM genetics compared to street weed. It might be what pushed ME over. If so, its easy. Just back her down a bit. I hope.


I’ve been saying something’s different about cannabis since I bought my first government weed at a dispensary a few years ago

Unless this CHS is more bold-faced media lies, I too saw this on tv recently…?!

Let’s try to look at facts:

From Millennium cannabis has had no known side effects

Government(s) get involved with cannabis
for the last few decade

Suddenly cannabis has some mystery illness associated with it

I’ve said it before and I believe it still. I think they changed cannabis, jmo

If you think that sounds far-fetched Google paraquat, and I believe CHS, if true may be even more sinister ?

Edit: I should add that I’m a big conspiracy theorist anyway, so for what it’s worth I guess


If this is true it’s so f***** up! I’m a believer that they researched mmj and now changed its DNA


He’s using our seeds, and AMS and ILGM are very anti-gmo. That isn’t a factor here.



Well I didn’t know he was using ILGM seeds…I’m just saying what @Paranorman said could be a theory that the FDA is working on.


Yup, it is what he said, as well in response to maybe pesticides or how it was grown.



He found ILGM site, and grows his own seeds? Lol you can put the context anyway you want hahaha. I did not remember the rest of the earlier thread, I follow along 25+ other threads, that I’m very interested in learning more. I don’t have time to read the thread entirely from beginning. At least not today. And this thread isn’t my first priority.

I thought this was a grow site, not a patient diagnosis website.

I thought we had webMD for that?

Happy growing everyone!



Think of how many threads I have to keep track of?

This isn’t a conspiracy theory site either.

happy growing,



Haha I should of quoted the owner of the thread in the theorie thread Paranorman posted, I apologize.

I kno I would spend my whole day probably more than 18/24 of the day!! Lol

Again sorry for the off-course on this thread.
Back to the medical diagnosed patient


Hey didn’t you say that you grow outside in your backyard in the ground ? Have you ever had your soil tested ? Might be something to look into as well…


I agree with the allergy theory on this I have a friend who got these same symptoms from taking lsd. And I’m not talkin about taking a hit I’m talking about several hits several times a weeks. He went to the er and when they done all their blood work and such they came back with a particular seed that is used in making lsd that he was allergic to. I have also experienced these symptoms imo I believe its the bodies way of telling you hey buddy that’s too much there better lay off for a while. And then again I would not put anything past our elected officials they always have to get involved and screw things up. I have had a QP gave to me that was sprayed with the paraquat or at least thats what i was told was wrong with it, and it would make you feel like death was eating you from the inside. You definitely don’t want to smoke anything sprayed with paraquat.


Well Si it wouldn’t be the first time the government has tried to use drugs to control people they tried lsd out back in the day to try and get the perfect soilder lol didn’t work out so well
So it wouldn’t surprise me if they are trying to manipulate MJ to control the masses some how and as a result have caused some sort of side effect but I may be reaching on this a bit lol


Although I do have a topic for that! :wink:


@peachfuzz, The soil is a mixture of sterile top soil with Peat and Perlite in 5 gal buckets. A simple mix I got from help on this site. I think caution is advised as far as Government Interaction is concerned. Lets not storm the streets just yet. I am pretty sure this isn’t our Government (or Russian Hackers :sunglasses:), unless they are working with ILGM to alter the seeds! @Allen13420, I think the “Allergy Theory” might be a lane to pursue. I have a sibling who shares the same crop. His intake is even more than mine. No trouble at his house. He has no known food allergy. I haven’t seen anything linking allergy to this syndrome. Hmmm, well should I call the Mayo Clinic and tell them we have this figured out? Lol, not me!

@BondPacker is on the same train of thought I am. As best said by Clint Eastwood “A Man has to know his limitations”. :slight_smile: I might have found mine. I plan on a month long dry out and re-introduction at a reduced frequency and amount. The earliest sign seems to be universally some form of morning sickness. With that sign I will back off till its gone and self titrate using that indicator. I will definitely keep you all posted. I am surprised no one else has experienced this. @oldgoat had a post back a few years ago. If your out there @oldgoat, hows it going? Does this relate? I am asking because what you described were my first symptoms 2 years ago.


what was the intake of the users who experienced it. was it all “high”?


Lets list the problems associated with anything. Caution hot coffee.


Yes all heavy users. The first question when diagnosing.

Update … all is well. A month off and all OK! Tapered down a bit and I seem to be fine. Definitely something to watch for. I firmly believe it is an allergic reaction that builds to a formal reaction. This combined with other maintenance type medications can throw you. Cannabis is like any other medication, tricky when combined. Stay out of the reaction levels and, all is good. I am now off ALL meds with the exception of cannabis. I am able to maintain with just cannabis. Maintenance drugs are no longer required. Awesome stuff.