Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS

OK this is making the news in the USA now. I have used Marijuana for Nausea for many years. I also use it recreational. Several years ago, I began having nausea especially in the morning. Then one day the nausea got so bad I could not ride in the car. I smoked more to combat it. That night, severe vomiting for 20 hours, profuse sweating, severe stomach cramping, hives covering my body, severe headache, severe dizziness unable to stand, eventual severe diarrhea. I stopped smoking. The symptoms were severe for 5 days gradually tapering off. Dizziness, diarrhea, headache persisting. Difficulty with solid food. Burning stomach, Heartburn. The nausea, headache, ringing in ears, dizziness, hives and diarrhea all reduced but were present for a month. Smoking herb brings it right back.


These are a few of many articles on this. I can tell you it is very bad. Stopping use relived my symptoms a lot in the first few days. After that, it stuck around for more than a month. There were warning signs. Several years ago I began fighting constant nausea. Ringing in the ears for years. Flushing and unexplained hives or itching. This had gone on for years.Then one day… wow.

I am left to wonder if I will be able to enjoy my garden again. I think a long period of abstinence might provide me with the opportunity to use it again sometime in the future. I am reading the symptoms will return on re-introduction. I wonder if this is permanent. I have a hypothesis that if I watch the continuous use and, watch for the symptoms to start to return, I can “dry out” for a while and prevent the horrifying relapse. Make no mistake… this resulted in an ER visit. Something I do not do. I thought I was going to die.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

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My thought is I pray I don’t get that!!

I feel for you and will hold you in my prayers.

What you’ve shown is part of my concerns with this legalization wave. They always find a way to mess up a good thing!

Consider fruits and vegetables…good things, yes? Now enter GMOs…


Your cannabinoid system uses the cannabinoids in cannabis because your body needs to repair itself. Weather its nerves,cells,or tissue that is injured.
Such as bruises,head trauma, blunt force to the body that is soreness, etc but then you get to the confusion of which strain does what? THC or CBD? It’s all different and it all matters because it treats certain diseases/cancers/disorders/most commonly pain…

Now we go on to the part that people don’t search for when they want the kind of cannabis that will help them.

You might be smoking the wrong strain buddy. Or you should convert to edibles or topical cream.

If your a perfectly healthy human you don’t need the cannabinoids thus the neausa and diarrhea/hives etc

I think your making your self paranoid, and now a days people who never smoked weed before will smoke now, not because their body needs it, but to more so hop on the bandwagon…:roll_eyes:

People with natural born diseases/cancer/disorders need to have some sort of cannabinoid.

People with serious injuries that are currently healing should have cannabinoids.

People with past serious injuries, and I mean injuries that change them to never be the same should have some sort of cannabinoid, because we all know those serious injuries catch back up to us when we are older! So the cannabinoids speed up the healing proccess.

People who are perfectly healthy shouldn’t smoke cannabis. Just my thought.

It’s just an educated guess…please don’t take my reply personal I’m trying to just help get ideas flowing/brainstorming and hopefully someone can come up with a source for all of this. I’m just going off the rip, winging it here. Because I’m not a scientist lol


@MacGyverStoner is! Lol…perhaps he could provide some input. There is another gentleman on here, can’t remember the name, that does scientific studies.

I believe he was in a topic talking about dry ice and CO2 …


Awesome bring him in here I’d love to read what he has to share!!! Nothing like coming from a source that is a known scientist! I’m so informationally excited!!! Lmao


@Aquaponic_Dumme likes digging into the science side of things maybe him or @Hammer or @latewood has heard of this horrifieing new issue sorry this happened to you . But as @FloridaSon said I really hope this stays away from me .


Interesting @AmnesiaHaze . So do you think the recreational use of Marijuana is a bad idea?

Fortunately no body is perfectly healthy :wink:


As an herbalist, I am inclined to say I like the way @AmnesiaHaze is thinking. He/She has some very plausible ideas. Medicinal herbs can be seriously powerful, even the non psycho-active ones. Skullcap and Passion flower, for example. It is possible to over-dose on those two. Hawthorne and Yarrow are a couple of other medicinal plants you don’t want to be adding to your morning smoothie just for the heck of it. You need to have a medical need, or you run the risk of harming yourself. There are lots more, but you get the point.

That being said… I would further be inclined to be looking for other possible causes for this type of adverse reaction to marijuana. An example might be in the soil, or the basic care of the plant. Here’s an example: some people theorize that pesticides and other chemicals being used to grow wheat and other grains is what is causing the increase in non-celiac gluten sensitivity and other food allergies in so many people.

My advice (from an herbalist viewpoint) would be to completely avoid cannabis for a few months. If you need to be around it to take care of it, wear a respirator so you don’t inhale any of it, wear gloves and avoid skin contact. Then after a month, rub a little resin on one small patch of your skin, and see what happens. If you get a rash or any other adverse reaction, it would be safe to say you are allergic to that plant. If nothing happens, you might try ingesting it by eating it (do not inhale). But given the previous reaction, I would be very hesitant to suggest that. Hives is actually considered an anaphylactic response-- very dangerous, and precursor to face and throat swelling, which is life threatening.

As beneficial as cannabis is, it is still a plant, and carries the potential for allergic responses in certain people. I would be very sad indeed if I ever became allergic to cannabis. It’s bad enough being allergic to wheat! :open_mouth:


I believe the recreational use of MMJ needs to be world wide! It is a god given plant that was naturally placed here and was made up for a reason.

That being said. Heroin, and crack that was created from the govt from chemicals that are man made

The cannabis plant is naturally born on earth. It is a weed that has medical benefits. :v::+1:

Onto your reply, I agreed with you 100% @Herbalist
What u said about the fertilizers and pesticides is what can cause your skin reaction to contact. A proper flush is needed, if that exists, I prefer to grow organically. Also if there was any mold/mildew. As your smoking it’s those tiny particles that u inhale that can be serious to your health. That can cause serious headaches. If your really toking on your cannabis…like over doing it. I always check to make sure the cannabis I’m smoking is 100% what I need.

@bmorgil I would suggest you try what @Herbalist told you to try. Maybe a month without cannabis and try with contact first and see if you get hives. Then try to ingest it, and see if your bowel moments change, then try easing yourself into smoking again.

I love smoking cannabis. It’s what I’m trying to do for the rest of my life. I have been smoking cannabis for 6 years straight everyday and I’m fine. But I also have a kidney disease :expressionless:


@Herbalist, I am intreaged by your input. Your reference to allergy is very engaging. I have a history of allergy, inhaled (hay fever) as well as one predominant allergy to any form of nut i.e. tree nuts or Legumes (Peanuts). Peanuts can, and has put me into anaphylactic shock as a child. I am nearly 60 now. I have adverse reactions to nuts to this day. I will say I have outgrown it somewhat but it is still present to various degrees. Flushing and Hives are indeed the first feelings of the reaction. Keep in mind I have used Marijuana for 30 years to some degree. About 8 years ago my digestive issues increased my use. Also the quality (strength) of my herb has increased a lot since I found ILGM and grow my own.

I am good on the soil and fertilizer I think. Nothing fancy just dirt and very little fertilizer. I use Schultz Cactus plant very sparingly and, as I learned on this site, I never feed till it asks.

I have heard that many things can build in your system and “spill over” into an allergic reaction when the levels build high enough. Hay fever is a prime example. Persons with no Hay Fever suddenly get it after moving to a different region. It usually takes a few years then suddenly, they have Hay Fever. I wonder with Cannabis being a fat soluble substance, doesn’t build substantially over time causing the “Big Spill”. All of the study’s have a very common denominator… long term heavy use. This obviously doesn’t happen to everyone. You would have to wonder if maybe latent allergies aren’t the key.

It leaves me with the original preponderance. Per your suggestion abstinence for 3 months should clear it from my fat cells. I wonder if now I will be very susceptible to relapse or, if recognizing the limits of usage will allow me to still use it, just a lot less.

I am interested to see if this has or is happening to others on this site who will share if they had this Bad Trip . It is one of the hardest things to turn on. Something I enjoy and, something that helps my condition.


@FloridaSon, Keep praying Brother! I will take all the third party prayers I can get. And I pray no one gets this!


@bmorgil, I just thought of one other thing you should get checked for: Celiac Disease. It is done via a simple blood test, and is not terribly expensive. If you have health insurance, it should cover it. It’s worth ruling out. Also, what is the possibility you had been getting cross-contaminated re your nut allergy? I also wonder if cannabis is at all genetically related to nuts, perhaps has a protein similar to the protein in the nuts you are allergic to? (To explain, wheat, barley, and rye each have a specific protein that is very similar to each other, and it is that specific protein that those with Celiac Disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are reacting to).

Like someone else said, our government just loves to give cannabis a bad rap and say that because some people have an adverse reaction, it is bad for everyone. They don’t say wheat is bad for everyone, just because 1% of the population is allergic.


As to your question is recreational marijuana a good thing or bad thing …me having the right to do what I choose is a good thing …if I choose to overdo it and end up hurting myself that’s my own fault… kind of like guns are good… but sometimes bad people use them… that don’t mean that guns are bad and as far as ever having any issues… I’ve had 3 bad issues at one point in time in my life from smoking marijuana and I believe it was because I was allergic to something that they used when they were growing it… It caused me to fall ill , kind of like a bad allergic reaction , but it was nothing like you had explained and I don’t know of anybody that’s ever had that issue and I’ve been smoking since I was 10 years old and I’m a lot older than that now …but this is an interesting discussion and looking forward to more input from everybody else …good luck to all of you guys on here and Happy Days Ahead for the new year for all of use I hope…



Yes I have been checked for Celiac. So far so good but, I am an allergy case. I also wonder if there is any relation to nuts with cannabis? I don’t think so but, It is a weed and I have a ton of Hay Fever! I think the cat is out of the bag on the benefits of cannabis. For sure it will affect everyone differently. Dosage, frequency and type needs to be sorted out. I believe there is a lack of understanding by those who are seeing and reporting this. So far it is ether rare, to soon in the legalized arena or, under reported. I am hoping I might not have the tolerance for the amount/frequency I was “prescribing” myself. A reduced frequency and amount might be the right choice. I will report back.

My wife gets buzzed on one beer. I can drink a few more. She cannot tolerate cannabis. It way over reacts to her brain waves. This might just be a proper usage for the person involved. Of course, its not for everybody. Some people just can’t take it I guess.


Well good luck, and definitely post an update after your experiment, to let us know how it went! This could turn into a very interesting study.

I personally do not think it is Cannabis alone. I think someone mentioned allergies, and I can agree that could be part of the issue.

What other “Pharma” drugs are also being used?

Where is the report from the CDC?

Many things can lead to health issues and allergic reactions. I find it interesting that a new cannabis related didease popped up after decriminalization, and after1000’s of years being used around the world as medicine. This includes over 3-% of the U.S. pharmaceuticals in the 20’s and 30’s before prohibition.


I would assume your right because no one has ever overdosed on cannabis ever


This is absolutely a real thing and can happen from clean cannabis use alone.

It is like with other things, i.e. gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance, it seems to affect a small percentage of the population.

It is a paradoxical effect, not unlike how benadryl makes most people drowsy, but for some it keeps them from falling asleep. Or how in some people a cup of strong coffee helps them fall asleep.

Little is known about the overall condition at this time, and so with some it may be that they need to abstain from cannabis entirely and some may be able to get away with controlling the amount of cannabis building up in their system.

Here are a few articles, the first two are very scientific articles, and the other is one that is in pretty plain language and seems to be very balanced and does not have an agenda:



Good stuff @MacGyverStoner. I am in agreement with your perspective. It is definitely for real. I can attest to that! No other pharms being used. Just my grow. Plain dirt, outside grow not much else. I am hoping a dry out and a gentle re-introduction with limits will do the trick. The change in the last two years has been in the frequency and amount daily, as well as the quality. A few “cones” of Gold Leaf every couple of hours for 2 years. I think it was to much for me. That is about double the prior use. As the nausea increased so did the usage. You start getting sicker slowly. The herb helps or, so it seems. Then the cycle gets worse. Suddenly it hits and it hits very hard. Something that makes you pray for your life.

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