Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome CHS

Just wondering if anyone else have heard about this ? I was diagnosed with CVS cyclic vomiting syndrome about 8 yrs ago, waking up most morning puking with intense abdominal pain. After a few hrs it would go away. Got so bad had to be hospitalized multiple times. So the doctors gave me Marinol ? Synthetic thc, never really work so they put a Pacemakers in my stomach, or what they call a gastric stimulator. Now I have doctors telling me I have this CHS cause I have smoked for yrs. Doctors tell me the 1/3 of people that smoke have this condition. Waking up feeling sick, and very hot showers help relieve the pain momentarily. Just wondering if anyone else have heard about this. I LOVE SMOKING MY WEED, and after 20 yrs I hate to quit. Been almost 2 weeks and it sucks, I was never a big drinker, and never really did any hard drugs, mushrooms occasionally like 1-2 a yr. Just wondering if anyone else has heard about this or has any experience with it? Thanks just curious F***ing Doctors, thanks


Good Morning @Kingkupa
I have never heard of that and I hope you can get something to help with it. :pray::pray:


Sorry to read of your diagnosis. Is it all forms of cannabis? Probably a dumb question. Pot or not, hope you get taken care of and stay healthy.


THC causes it.


Ive never heard of it neither but sounds like one :poop: syndrome…

So if its caused by thc, edibles and concentrates are out as well… man that sucks. Maybe you can try cbd dominant strains?


Damn. I have a buddy who’s coworker got lung cancer from smoking. Well docs said that. He didn’t smoke cigarettes.

I get a little grossed out thinking about my lungs when I clean my pipes. That gunk builds up pretty quickly.

I was a smoker for 30 years, but quit about 10 years ago. My lungs are shot anyway. Have COPD, but it’s not too bad. I don’t need oxygen (or even an inhaler.) I can run a 5k, so it’s not too bad yet.


I’ve smoked for over 20, weed and cigs, and have family history of cancer and COPD on both sides. No 5k’s but I jog a mile every morning or evening with my dog.


My bosses wife was diagnosed with basically cyrosis of the liver. Had has a few drinks her whole life never smoked I know that’s not the cause but still no smoking super limited drinking. Found out it’s a genetic trait and all her sisters had to b tested her kids and all. She has alpha 1 cyrosis of the liver I believe it was called. It is genetic so it might just be a genetic thing for this person also. Took her Al mm ost dying on the table for them to figure this out but she has since got a kidney transplant and is doing really well so far been a couple few years now. Have u tried CBD strains only to see if they do what’s needed without these effects on u @Kingkupa


Wow, I just want to say how great the love and support is from everyone on this site, forum or whatever you want to call it. Doesn’t matter if it is a growing question, curing, asking about other products, just the love I feel from everyone out there is amazing.
So yes it is all Cannibas products, smoke, edibles and even Oils. I live in a state where it is very illegal, not even approved for medical. I was referred to a doctor in a state where it has been legalized and they where instantly able to diagnose my situation. The problem docs tells me is the THC chemical compound binds to the brain receptors that control involuntary movement like stomach movement in digestion and your part of brain that controls body’s temperature, I also sweat like a “hore in church” most nights. Only way to see for sure is to quit, so I have, I hope no one else has to deal with this, because it’s sucks. But don’t feel bad for me, I completed my first grow not to long ago and I have plenty of friends that are enjoying the “Fruits” of my labor LOL, and also my wife of over 10 years still smokes and has never had a problem. I would have never known about so many things without this great Beautiful website, and I will be hopefully starting my 2nd grow soon and will be needing all of y’all advice and help once again. Just want to say again how thankful I am to have found this site and all of your great, amazing, wonderful people out there


I have ask about the CBD part and there is so little research they cannot tell me either way, the safest thing is to quit and I have. The body is amazing tho, they tell me in 30 days ish my brain should be clear of almost all cannabinoid “which are the problem” and Will see what happens thank u all again and I hope and wish nothing but the best to you, and yours. Have a blessed day, and more importantly a blessed and happy New Years

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Best of luck all the same! And do ask about the CBDs, they maybe a safer alternative. And stay healthy man!

Looking forward to ur next grow (even if you cant personally enjoy the ‘fruits’), but like we say all the time, “Growing is almost as addictive as smoking”


Thank you so much for sharing. You never know who may make use of the information. It also makes me think about some of the symptoms described that have some commonality with what my wife exhibits. She loves her smoke.
Also about the body’s ability’s to recover I was a heavy smoker of cigarettes for almost 50 years. I was finally able to quit a little over a year ago. After a month I no longer needed my COPD inhaler, etc etc. Good luck with your recovery.



Your not alone, and unfortunately cutting way way back or quitting all together is the only cure.

I am a paramedic, my dad’s a doctor and my girlfriend is a nurse. We all smoke but my girlfriend has like you been diagnosed, it happend about a year after she switched to these distilled vape pens.

She has prescription medication for the vomiting but it doesn’t always help.
However she is addicted, so it’s a struggle for her, i myself am a causal user and my dad only smokes flower but he’s a lifer.

Unfortunately your doctors are right, we went through the same and she has been in denial (even though she’s a nurse) we had her blood work done, tried different meds, scoped her insides ultrasounded her gallbladder and other things. They found a couple pollips on her gallbladder but they arnt significant and she just hyper focuses on that and tells herself that’s the reason. So until a doctor takes out her gallbladder (which has long lasting health issues of its own so no one will do it until its clinicly smart to) she just suffers through it.
Taking the hot showers or baths, puking in the mornings…

No drug is harmless and we all react differently to drugs, from Advil to cannabis to morphine.

Unfortunately there is no cure.

However I suggest trying micro dosing psilocybin, hear me out.
Micro dosing envolves very low dosage, they come in gummies and pills and different dosages (start 50mg work upwards in 50mg dosages to find what works for you).
I find it more enjoyable that thc, and psilocybin has much more promising research behind it then thc from what I’ve seen coming out of places like John Hopkins university.

When micro dosing you feel happy, there are no colors or shapes, no warping, slighly brighter lights depending dosages, the giggles come with higher dosages. Your mind and body seems much more ground and open.
I highly recommend it, I’ve only done it 3 times (did it this year for new years as I just sat at home by myself while my girlfriend worked)

Mushrooms are also much easier and less expensive to grow compared to cannabis.


Thank u very much you can tell I have received a ton of support and help but it is nice to hear someone else with there own person experience. I am looking into the psilocybin but there is very little research, I also have family in the medical field and they have also told me about the the same thing, thank u again very much

Does this happen with dry leaf? Is this a vape thing?
I have heard that the processing for vape is full of unwanted chemicals.
I used to vape but have returned to dryleaf both vape and bong.

So you are correct on vapes there a lot of stuff in there because there are no regulations, I used to buy vape cart but with a QR code so you could see what was in them. Now on CHS it includes all forms of THC and CBD, no smoke no edibles no cream no nothing. I quit cold turkey and feel a lot better, no more nausea in the morning when I wake up, no more puking or retching. Almost been 30 days and it sucks, I’m not a drinker all ways would just smoke a little. But CHS is a real thing if you want more info google or YouTube it there a lot on info out there, sorry for the bad news. But yes vapes are horrible for u

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i smoke hemp/cbd flower im thinking of switching to volcano bag or some vaporizor thats healthy with flower . but i agree if u come down with something its like drinking alcohol for weeks at a time every day im sure it will get ya sick . id say every 7 days or 3 days take a single puff for relief not get stoned on a full joint dont need to party daily to feel relief . chronic use daily heavy at least can lead to the stuff i assume . sorry to hear take care


Thank you, and you are correct there not a lot of science behind CHS because for so long cannibas was illegal so there was very little study’s done on it, CHS has just came over the last 10 yrs they say with so many states legalizing it. It need much more research. Buy you are correct doctors say that most people Like me, would be chronic smokers, over yrs and multiple times a day. It might just be 1 gram a day but over long periods of time it adds up. One thing on Vapes I would be careful like posted above there are no FDA regulations so company’s can put what ever they want in them, and not tell you what you are actually inhaling. Best of luck and thank you for your support

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I’ve been microdosing every 3rd day for about a year and a half. It cured my major depression. Microdosing has changed my perception of a few things in this life for the better.

For the skeptical out there; check out youtube videos of Dr. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins and Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris from Imperial College, London. These two have been at the fore in psilocybin research.