Canna oil rso oil for treatment using a distiller


Am thinking of getting a home distiller, Smart Still / Still Spirits - essential oils, water, alcohol
This is to replace the rice cooker. But also as I have been using food grade 96% ethanol, it will allow me to collect the ethanol again. For atleast one more useage.

Making the oil, for different friend with cancer.

What do people do who make canna oil/rso oil in terms of decarbing.
oven first or let the making oil process and coffee warmer plate do the decarbing.

some say, defo do decarb first and then continue with the oil making process, including the coffee warmer to remove all ethanol.

some say just let the oil making process do the decarb.

Has anyone else used a distiller also?

Got idea from youtube. Cannabis oil using countertop distiller

Cheers guys.

I haven’t had any experience with a distillery…but i have made my share and then some of edibles with all the experiences and mistakes too and If you plan on baking with the oil/budder…I wouldn’t decarb let the process and baking with it do the deed… But if you plan on doseing the budder/oil in raw form I would absolutely decarb and grit all the benefits…


I plan to, if i can… make oil and syringe it. Apply under tongue.

In your opinion just for the canna oil rso oil would you let the process decarb. Or bake and then continue with process of making oil.

I appreciate your help.


Imo…it depends on how old and cured your buds are…With Cannabis over time as it dries and mixes with the air the thc-a loses its carbon atom and becomes the chemical makeup were after is thc delta9 (thc-a minus the carbon atom) so I’d your buds are straight off the tree or maybe like a week dried I would still decarb even just a little bit… But if your doing it with street level Cannabis it has most likely been cured fairly well just by the time passed and will finish in the process of making the oil…

I’ve made tons of RSO but I always used 91% alcohol, not ethanol.
And I never decarbed the oil after, I just smoked it lol
You should be able to find everything you’re asking on the official website of Rick Simspon

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Would you mind taking a look at this please.

In the UK cant get everclear. But found the this. Its isopropanol not isopropyl.

Not sure of the difference.