Canna Nutrients?

I’m curious if anyone has any experience with Canna? I’ve been using them for approx. 3 years and have had zero issues with any deficiencies. Never understood why a fertilizer company (big box) would make a product for growing and then recommend half or quarter dosage? When I started, it didn’t make sense to me.


I agree!!

Because they want you to use it all up and buy more, same thing with alot of household stuff


Had a washing machine repair guy tell me you’re only supposed to use a teaspoon of laundry detergent (not the full cap). Apparently it’s bad for the machine?


Yep depending on how hard your water is you don’t need much soap at all


Psssshhh. Just get the big huge jug with the nozzle and open that baby up all the way. Not really lol. Too much detergent is bad for the drains, though, and can also be bad for clothes. It’ll stay in them and make them crispy. Not too good for your skin either if your clothes are still soapy.
Sorry I know this was way off topic.

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lol. Yeah, I get that but the Big Box guys are the ones telling you to use half dosage! It’s like “sorry, we made it way to strong”.

I guess at the end of the day is rather be diluting a concentrate than spending extra money on water and packaging.