Canna coco for seedlings question

I am new to this but I’ve got a question about canna coco, I’ve got some seeds that have sprouted and plan on putting them in canna should I keep them with straight water until the sprout? Then use nutes? I did flush the coco if that matters in canna.


I use coco pith and I drench the coco with around 200 ppm above your waters starting point, and then squirt bottle for watering with same mixture until the first node with 3 leaves appears! hope this helps. As far as sprouting they have all they need except water and warmth. Welcome to the forum, this place is great to learn how to grow. You can get peoples attention by doing this @semo63936.

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Thank you Holmes. What is a good ppm meter? I have a health metric but dont quite understand the EC reading.

I dont feed tell the little round leaves fall off. They have a fancy name but Idk what it is. They are the plants food. Then I feed just lightly. Around 200, 300 ppm. For the next two weeks. I water in a circle away from the plant a few inches so the roots search out the water. In coco I water every other day just a few ounces. When the plant gets about 3ish weeks out the coco I start the full schedule nutes and water to run off. Hope this helps.

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Thank you. What kind of PPM meter do you use?

Nameless 20 dollar one from amazon.

About the same time I start full nutes, I also would start adding cal-mag at 1/2 strength to every other watering.

Should I buffer canna with cal mag before plugging the seedlings in? Thanks @Axemanjake23

Canna Coco is what I use. I soak it with 250ppm water and I start adding nutrients to my water from day 1.

@imSICKkid do you go straight coco or a mix? what nutes do you prefer?

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I dont add any perlite, straight coco. And I use Jack’s Nutrients


Seedlings need nothing until those first leaves yellow. The seed carries everything it needs until a tap root is established. Better to provide nothing but purified water until that time then start with a small dose of your chosen nutes. FYI any starting TDS has to be added to your entire nutrient load which is why a lot of folks use R/O or distilled to start with.

There are too many PH meters to list. Get one that reads PPM in the 500 (NACL) scale.