Canna Butter water

Hey. Does the leftover water from making Cana butter have any THC? Can I do shots of it? Nasty as it may be. Why would the butter be the only thing with THC? Thanks

I actually think it binds with the fatty acids in the butter very effectively. The water should pretty much be neutral, but let us know :wink:

I’m pretty sure bong-water has THC too - not going there LOL


There is nothing in the water because it doesn’t contain fat. All the THC is in the fat of the butter, so you can throw out the water. THC only binds to fats or alcohol.


I just dumped a bunch of that water. No way would I drink that.

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Lol, yeah, it’s not worth drinking.

Don’t shut the dude down, Damn! I was curious LOL


I want youtube video LOL Way to squash harmless creativity… :wink:

Use it in a bong