Candyland Express comes home with me

This will be the beginning of my grow Journal I hope I do it right. Just picked up for teenage Candy Land girls. Brought up on 210 PPM food, they’ll go in a 5gl bucket with happyfrog soil, coco coia mix. Under fluorescent t 5 tubes. After they get to be roughly 12 in they get pinched or another words IFMing. My be I’ll try a super crop, wish me luck as it’ll be the first time for a super crop. From veg to flower on 12/12 Under a 600w hi par light until they are finished.


Hope your FIM…topping works out.


Transplanted into 6 in pots today, 2 parts happy Frog planting soil and1 part coconut coco. No nutrients for a few more weeks. Watered with ro 6.5ph

Turned on the CO2 today and gave them a drop of water.

FIMed today, next one in 2 weeks. Preping for super crop.

Low stress training into effect today, plants seem to be taking it well. Most shoots are already pointing Skyward in less than 6 hours.

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