Candy making recipe

So the process of hard candy edibles can be tricky. We are NOT candy makers however have got the hard candy process DOWN. The suckers are 20mg, and quite tasty. I made microdose 5mg peppermint flavored for a friends mom suffering with chemo induced nausea. She being thc naive, I didn’t want her to eat an entire 20mg sucker and get stoned.

To begin hard candy edibles. You need a THC tincture. I suggest getting a Magical Butter machine. Takes a 2 week process to 4hrs. We make sugar then, take ordinary white sugar, your tincture dosing amount, and mix it together. Coat all crystals. Then in needs to dry, mix thruout this process. We use a hairdryer lol! No open flames ok??? Store your sugar in airtite containers for future use.

To make hard candy

1/4 c cannabis sugar
3/4 cup white sugar
1/4 c distilled water.
4 heaping tbs Karo
Mix on low heat. Once it bubbles, turn down heat. No further mixing.

Once temp gets to 260, add coloring.
At 300 add flavor, mix and immediately pour into molds.

Allow to set.

To further test readiness of mixture, take cold water and drop a bit of mixture into the water. Taste it, if crunchy and hard, without making your teeth stick together (think Jolly Ranchers), it is ready to put flavoring in and to pour.


They look delicious. Are those gushers?!?! The green ones lol would be awesome

Still working on proper tasting gummies! Yea gushers would be great. The green ones are microdosed peppermints at 5mg. Taste like starlite candies. We use super flavor concentrates called LorAnne oils. Loads of flavors available. To make a sour version we mix citric acid and sugar together and coat them while in the molds.

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