Candy Cane Autos from Crop King (2nd grow)

These ladies keep on chugging ahead. The smallest one has been the most impressive. As I previously stated I was intentionally stressing out the plant by topping it to see what it may or may not do. She responded extremely well to the topping and grew a bunch more tops like photos do. I get up this morning and those have grown quite a bit since. The stems feel pretty woody so from here on in its only the newer branches will be LST until they stiffen up. If these things keep on track I should only have this week left for the flowering stretch to finish so I have been working an hour every other day maintaining a very low and flat canopy. The main stem is swelling up so fast. The one thing I can honestly say I enjoy is the quick growth of the plant and visually seeing progress of each plant each day. Very noticeable. I am warming up to autos through this grow so far. My next run will be my White Widow/Big Bud strain I grew in my first journal but with this new HLG. If I got damn near 10 ozs off a AGLEX light there is no reason I cannot do that and more with proper feeding and vigilant training.
Rh55%, Temps 25.0 degrees celcius, watering about every 3 days but the girls are getting thirsty now. I added two more monkey fans to the tent and moved one clip fan up to replace higher watt fan that was blowing cool air across the top to cool. Cannot say enough good thing about HLG.

The main stems doubled in size in a few days.