Canadian Bubbler 4-Bed Hydroponic Garden


It’s for a vivosun base e39 I think it’s a 3 prong same one as this but 1000 watt


I tried that I don’t know what the right one is what are they called even?


That’s your ballast. You need to know what kind of base your bulb screws into


The socket It’s a e39 bace regular size and I’m getting the same ballast but it’s 1000 watt


I just ran e39 mogul base through web search and got half dozen reasonable sources. The one on Amazon has 15’ cord and plug. Not sure if you are setup for that, or need hardwire pigtails. There’s also a couple of different mounting variations available.

If you don’t see what you need, reach out to sunlight supply or check with a local hydro shop.


Ok thanks I looked amazon too but didn’t know what I needed thanks again


I guess I’m to picture happy but here’s the Canadian Bubbler first batch clones day four no clones yet :expressionless::face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking::sweat:

so there’s mold sh.t going on so gotta replace the sealers and start over didn’t cut my girls yet tho so hope it gos ok


Still has same clones not rooted dis coloured not happy it’s been week then 2 weeks home made look like this . New growth looks great


Once you get things dialed in , things will be alot easier… :wink:



those are the tubs I want to use for my or other buckets I can even hook up the Canadian bubbler it already has the hook ups inside I push a leaver water shooting out


This is my crop out plus smoked lots

. Just smells like kush


Got one plant finally growing in the Canadian Bubbler but it was started in dirt I wash it off carefully and put it in the bubbler with hydroton turn the slef feeder every 2 hours if I’m missing something let me know


The roots are coming out the bottom already


Will not be long now Lostscuba, once they pop that bottom, it is on.


I started that one in dirt then put it in I think it don’t like me


What strand is this?


Og kush jackhair true og blueberry



Hey, thanks for the shout back!


Here a shot of the Canadian bubbler doing its thing it’s better for plants veggin so far so good they have stopped growing but the look good


Been some time sense last post here’s to the new mother box still trying to find a big ass box no luck