Canadian Bubbler 4-Bed Hydroponic Garden


It is almost here I will be reviewing this product on my YouTube and here please don’t for get to like. [

Canadian Bubbler 4-Bed Hydroponic Garden

Let’s see if it’s worth the 230 bucks comes with every thing u need to growimage

Lets see what ones better home made or store bought!!!???


@Lostscuba as long as it’s engineered correctly home made is usually better. I’ve made one for myself also. It was a little bit more expensive than normal, as I was living in a remote location at the time.


My thanks gos out to @peachfuzz he showed me the way so now I’m trying dwc bubbler with clones and seeds check out my tread thanks to everyone that’s help me on here but I guess we will put it to the test DYI bubbler or store bought bubbler I’m doing a review on my YouTube so tune in


It’s finly here boys look ho

w small it is how am I supposed to grow 5 full grown plants in this little thing @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 @Liljoe


@Lostscuba it might be better suited for veg sized plants.


Ok so after they root I had green gue on my hooses in my bubbler it’s not vary big won’t be able to put five in it I could of made a huge one but I do kinda like it


Not really sure about the goo, but hydrogen peroxide cleans everything safely. @Lostscuba


Ok thanks man cleaning it out lol the water pump and air pump is the best thing it’s west too small


Yup that thing is tiny. Maybe only use 3 and quick veg them


Yea not big at all but it came with big air pump an water pump probably only grow 1 big plant


The home made bubbler been going for 5 days no roots yet how long tell they start showing


Mine showed a bit after a week. I had a male in a cup show in 5 days. No bubbler at all. Kind of airstones u got? I read more air the better


I got 3 air stone and I lied this is my first clone to live in the bubbler



Sweet!!! Congrats man. Well done


It’s the only one but it’s the first lol I finally have fate in my bubbler :+1:


Gotta start somewhere right. The first of many im hoping


Yea definitely I cut some for the new bubbler see how many days that takes but it’s it’s my first hydroponic plant almost like having another kid


@peachfuzz @dbrn32 yo where do I get the socket for the grow light I can get a ballast don’t come with socket I’ve looked on amazon Ebay


Do you know which one you need?


Look at your bulb box, it list what type of socket it needs. Then search on Amazon.