Canada,I am a first time grower and need prep help

Hi I live in Canada and I am a first time outdoor grower. I am asking for when help with temperature to start growing outdoor and what kinds of soil and peite brands I can use and how many litres of water I can use and all that good stuff. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you are the perfect candidate for our Free Grow bible. Click on the link to the right, and read this great guide to growing marijuana. We will be here when you are done. Peace :slight_smile:

I read your bible and I’m in a similar spot just here in Los Angeles… I got a bunch of seeds germinating some I put in water others I put in soil… Some is mixed soil a N dominant germinating soil from the local store and some soil from the ground as well as food that will eventually decompose… I need advice about the feeding and vegetative state as well as how I can start flowering earlier (that will be for the future though cause I’m not at VEG state yet)… I guess for me its a lot of fear that stems from impatience cause for example I soaked the seeds and those started to open a very little amount so that I could see a white line I then placed them in soil on the ground…( like a mound of the soil I mentioned earlier) the ones in pots have nothing but the store bought germination soil) I would also like to know if I should be taking my plants inside at night cause temp can get to like 36° farenheit at the lowest and I don’t want to kill them before they’re even seedlings… Thank-you if anyone can help…

The best advice I can give you is; Pick one way to grow; Or, maybe 2. All the information you seek is already in the ILGM Support Forums. You have started several different grow experiments; It is not prudent to layout a plan for all of them.

When I started out, I did as you have done; Sort of. I did DWC hydro, and a from scratch soil recipe; Side by side.

I will be glad to help you out on issues you develop once you decide on some semblance of a grow plan.

Another alternative is, to subscribe to Bergman’s Lab.

Happy growing! Peace.lw