Canabis recharge

Hello family my girls and i just had a fight with fungus gnats. We came out of it victorious. In the process i flushed the girls with peroxide bath twice in four days. Im pretty sure i also flushed out any mycorhiza and fungi. I trnsplanted the girls with great white 2 days ago in there final pot 7 gallon. Soil fox farm ph water 6.5. Was wondering should i give them canabis recharge to introduce all those void bacterias and sfuff before i switch into flower so the girls can be there most healthiest. Please all input.


I’m not familiar with Recharge but it seems to have plenty of fans of it around here.

I use Urb to introduce beneficial bacteria to my grows.

Urb works great, but be careful with it. It dramatically increases nutrient uptake and I’ve had it lead to nute burn on a plant.


Recharge wont hurt. I do recharge drink like once a week sometimes every other week but recharge is awesome stuff.


I use Recharge… I really like it - I only give it to them every other week


Ok im going to use it in my next watering will it raise the ppm.

Next time you have fungus gnats, just use Mosquito Bits or BTI, no need to kill off all your beneficial microbes and everything else with peroxide.


If you let the soil dry out up to your second knuckle before you water each time, it will lessen the gnats. I alternate between Dr. Zymes, Catpn Jacks Dead Bug and Plant Therapy. Honestly, I had a pretty bad time with them this grow and I think the Dr. Zymes and Plant Therapy worked the best. They are all safe to use all the way to harvest.