Can your plant just stop flowering/growing?

All of these were planted at the same time they all started flowering with in 2 weeks of each other. But i have these two that seem to look exaclty the same for a month now. Whej i flushed they were way over fed. And ph was so low. They werent doing to hot they were looking pretty rough and yellow looking. Well they are looking healthier and keep explodong woth new foliage but the buds arent moving fast. Will they still go to full harvest?? Or should i just toss them. Here is a pic to show how the 3 are doing. And then the other two that seem to be stuck after the ph and feeding issues that way you can compare to see what im saying since they are started flowirneg about the same time


Are they all the same strains?

They appear healthy. If they’re Sativa, or Sativa dominant. They will take longer. Sativa strains can take up to 10 weeks in flower where’s as an Indica is about an 8 week flower……. All strain dependent.

And when you say “started flowering within 2 weeks of each other”. Does that mean 1 plant started flowering and 2 weeks later, the other 2?

All you can do is keep them as happy as you can and ride them out. Running into problems early in flower is exceptionally bad timing, and will be a big setback for it in yield. But not quality.

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@CurrDogg420 you been able to work any ground up there yet

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It’s still pretty frozen. I get the small garden spade in 3”.

Nothing but wet here did get 25lb potatoes in ground

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It did not stop growing , its finish producing , Auto flower , pretty work .

They’re in early flower. Give them time.

Autos can be weird. Two seeds from the same packet can give completely different experiences. Just wait and continue what you’re doing. Then wait some more.


Nice looking plants. Fun part is right around the corner for any now buddy lol.

We throw our potatoes on top of the groung cover with fluffed up straw. No digging just take straw off and pick them up. @Reed71

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That’s alot of straw i cut my seed potatoes so i have two 100 foot rolls when i get ready to harvest i turn them up with turn plow

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We collect the straw that people put around their house in the winter. It is a lot but it’s free.
We plant a spot about 30x40 ft atl least 50 pounds of seed cut so each piece has an eye or two. Throw them on the ground and shake out the straw fluffed real good. About 18 inches deep. Once matted back down it is about 8 inches deep maybe a little less. The potatoes will grow threw but not 1 weed. We also straw the tomatoes so no weeds. Well a scragler here and there.
Potatoes go in on good friday snow rain sleet it don’t matter it’s good Friday. Great grandma an old cherokee woman’s rule. She been gone a long long time now but still do it her way. Have to say family has been doing potatoes 150 to 200 years this way.
Like the idea of a turn plow to though.
See there I went rambling again.
I should mention we have not had a garden that big for 7 years. Long story there. We did it ourselfs that way for 56 years though. A quarter acer garden. Miss it.

Good Driday is an old school farmer almanac to guarantee spring growing season .