Can you use two different wattage lights together?

Long time smoker, first time grower. I decided a couple months ago to start growing my own supply for my ptsd. It’s getting expensive buying all the time. Stupid war while I served in the USMC.

Anyways I have been reading and reading a lot recently on this topic. Only found this site while looking for a quality, trustable seed bank. Soooo glad I did! You guys are freaking awesome community.

My question is. I purchased one of these a couple weeks back. (Waiting for my seeds to arrive)

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Has Daisy Chain Function

I want to make sure I have plenty of light for my girls. So I asked my wife to get me one of the 650watt version of that light for my birthday. Can I use both of these together or will one cancel the other out? I’m clueless on lighting at this point. I also have a 450 watt MH light a buddy gave me that he doesn’t use. Should I just use that with the 450watt led?

Any insight on this would be great!

I’m going to grow in a 32”x32”x63” tent. Only one plant at a time till I get the hang of this. Thanks in advance guys.


Oh and it will be in soil. I’m going to start trying dwc eventually.

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There are others here who are much more experienced than me so I’d wait on a few more answers, but as far as I’m aware as long as it won’t be creating any kind of stress on your environment (too much heat, good ventilation) then it should be no problem. I run two 300 watt viparspectra Daisy chained. In they work very well.


Ty for the response. Do you mind me asking what size area you’re growing in?

It absolutely is not a problem to mix LED with HPS or MH or Fluorescent.

The big thing you need to worry about is controlling temps, heat burn from too much near IR light and or photoinhibition (light bleaching) from too much light.

  • Actual Power Draw: 200W±3% at 120V

So basically you will have about 650 total consumed watts and approximate “650 watt light output” to use the old 50 watts per sq foot to estimate if you are close to your needs.

32"x32" = about 7sq. ft. 7x50=350

So you will need that max height and are certainly at risk of issues.

happy growing,



So to put it simply, with this arrangement you have way too much light for your potential canopy.


One other thought about this for practicality, you’d be better off with 2 of the 200 actual watt LED for you space. Again, 400 watts is a bit overkill with LEDs as you can maybe get down to 25 watts for the same efficacy at close distances with LED over 50 watts of HPS or MH.

@dbrn32 can give the breakdown on photons and micromoles and such.



So if you were in my shoes what route would you choose? I have a $200 budget atm.

Do I

  1. Just use the 450watt led
  2. Just the 450 MH
  3. Order the 650 led and just use that
  4. A combo of lights
  5. Buy a new light suggested by you guys at $200 or less.

Again, ty much for the help!


I used 2 450w leds and a 600w hps my last grow


Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service! You can mix spectrums if you want, just make sure they are suited for the stage your plants are in. If heat isn’t an issue, I’d use the 450w MH/HPS for your 3x3 over any blurple light panel. @dbrn32 will be along soon I’m sure… he’s the lighting master champion of our community haha


Welcome to the forum @Haileyquin and thank you for your service!

The others are correct, you don’t need all that light in there. If I understand, you already have the 450?


Welcome @Haileyquin! Thank you for your service!


@dbrn32 in my possession I have one 450 led listed in my first post. I also have 1 MH 450 watt as well. (Brand new never used by my buddy)

Like I said, lighting is so confusing for me atm. I’m getting mixed thoughts from everything I’m reading. I assumed more watts = bigger yields. Hence why I was going to get another.

I’m starting with autoflower strains. The MH should carry through all stages just fine then?


It’s more like more light=bigger yield, but close enough. All lights not necessarily created equal on amount of par per watt. The problem is that you can run into light saturation levels.

I would probably try to run a grow or two with what you have. Where I see issue is that jumping up 1 size in a vipar isn’t really that much of an upgrade. If you’re not happy with results, I’d rather see you get into a better light.


Any suggestions on a light to invest in for that tent? I don’t mind using what I have currently and saving up for something that’s going to give good results. Trying not to spend over $300-400 for a light if I don’t need to. Also I was leaning towards led for the saving on energy. But if I only pay a couple bucks extra on energy bill I don’t mind other types. I just assumed the MH would suck loads of energy.

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Mh/hps isn’t a bad rig, but efficiency of 400’s is terrible. Way better to be in a 600 but your space isn’t big enough.

Ideally you would DIY a light for that space. Just about everything would come in a little small or a little big. Would probably run you about $250.

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@Haileyquin thank you for your service. You have joined the right group and I want to welcome you here as well. Your lighting is a bit low. If you are serious about growing I would strongly recommend investing in light. That is my next investment but my grow has to go outside. I am on my first grow. I can only suggest two things. Do not over water and use lots of perlite in your soil.

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First off Semper Fi, I’m with ya, been there, failed knee replacement, but I’m not sure I wanna go thru that again, scar tissue will not allow my knee to bend past 35 deg. Anyways, i wasted about $450.00 on the burple leds, 2 600w, 1 1200w. And I’m still behind on light for 4 plants, what should be 2400 w is actually 500w if not less, I finally ordered a hydroculture led 600h true watts last week, ya they are costly $650. Ish, but I can fill a 5x5 if I choose, this is my first grow, 4 plants, 2 to many, lol, next grow I will scrog 2 plants, and probably = or exceed what I’m going to get from this grow. Also one light = lower power draw, you start adding lights and pretty soon it’s way cheaper to buy it. You can use the light you have for veg, and use the big dog when your plants tell you they need more light. A lil more $$ upfront for a good light and you won’t have any regrets like me, I’m two weeks into flower, nice buds forming, and after a week my light still hasn’t shipped, It’s actually a good past time, I grow in my basement, and it’s legal in michigan. Im def a newbie but the plants are hanging in there. Holler if ya need anything but advice on nutrients, lol.

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The old saying for lights, pay now or pay later.


@Haileyquin Welcome aboard and Semper fi marine! Sounds like you too have begun your quest for the most awesome bud. It can’t be bought, no sir, you’ve got work and earn it, It’s called “Private Stock”! The light guru @dbrn32 has given you some sound advice. I advise you to buy quality meters when you get to that point. It’s too easy to mess up without them with these chemicals and kill your plants.
Having served in the Navy and being an RN that worked several years for the VA I recommend you file your disability claim for compensation with the VA asap. You might not need the money now, I didn’t when I was young. However if I didn’t have it now I would be homeless and begging for money.
Happy growing, Welcome Aboard and Semper fi!