Can you use this to ph down?

Is ok use in grow?

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I would not.


The pH of NitrateMinus is 7.2, so it is not useful for reducing pH. Proper pH products such as pH Down are also far less expensive. You can get a gallon of pH Down for nearly the same price as 250ml of this stuff even if it would work.


That product is designed to reduced nitrates in your aquarium water. It may or may not affect pH.
There very well may be components in this stuff that may damage your plants.

My personal practice is to use products for plants on my plants rather than using products that may have unpredictable results because they are intended for use on animals or people.


I wouldn’t suggest using aquarium stuff on plants. That being said I have used the dechlorinator when I forgot to leave water out. Here are some issues. They have ph perfect in them and PH the water to 7.2. you have to bubble wand the water for a couple hours before you can try and adjust. It takes twice the amount of PH down to correct this issue for some reason. I’m guessing because whatever is in it keeps trying to adjust the PH back. So this can take hours with a PH pen in hand.
I’ve decided it’s easier to buy water if I need it and have not prepared in advance.


Citric acid crystals from local grocer. A TINY pinch per gallon. I mix 5 gallons of Jack’s at 4/2/1 grams respectively and 3/8 of a teaspoon drops the ph from roughly 6.4 to 5.8 (Coco)


Community Has you covered. check eBay or Amazon
PH up or down very cheap.


hey @Borderryan22 when you make 4/2/1 is that actual ratio or do you go 4 / 2.4 / 1.2?


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Just use any acid like lime or vinegar to low you pH on you water

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I started showing excess nitrogen right at flower in an auto. Fellow grower here suggested going from normal 3.6/2.4/1.2 to 4/2/1… 4 grams Part A, 2 grams Part B, 1 gram epsom. I have photos that are just behind the auto, and they haven’t showed any kinds of nutrient issues. I’ll be using normal 321 ratios (3.6/2.4/1.2) thru veg, then a week or so before flip, going to 421 through flower.


thank you!

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No problem!!!

Ok thanks FOR all answer coolcool.
Order small bottle

10% Fulvic 0,8% Amino 3,9% Kol 0,5% Organisk acid

Hope it works to use like PH DOWN

Can not order from amazon,eBay over sea orders.