Can you use miracle seeding starters soil for the whole growth?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Can you use miracle seeding starters soil for the whole growth

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Do you mean miracle grow products?? If so thats a no no in the weed world im afraid. It has time releasing fert that you do not want in your soils. Look for something that doesnt have “added fertiliser” or “time releasing fertiliser” and you should he ok :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum. You can use it but do you want to is the question. You would be growing in a soil less medium. There are fertilizers in in that will effect your seedling but as a seedling it will do just fine. As your plant grows the fertilizer in the mix will continue to effect your plant as it grows. Is it enough to really cause problems ? who knows. For the money there are better soils available.
Come join the forum and your gonna learn a lot… good luck with your grow

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I would only use the Miracle Grow seed starter soil to actually start your seeds. But once you’re going to plant them I would put it into Happy Frog or Fox Farm ocean forest soil. I know foxfarm has a seed starting soil that’s called Light Warrior I believe. I’ve never used it but I’m going to buy a bag next time. Right now I plant my seeds right into Happy Frog soil. I have pretty good results but not perfect thus my reasoning to try Light Warrior next time. Good luck