Can you transplant a tree 24" or better from soil to a DWC system

I’m a new grower growing in soil but want to switch to a DWC system .For my first grow I’m growing in coco.Im just curious if you can take a tree out of soil and put in a DWC system. Here are some pics of my girls 2 weeks into flowering. Think I’m doing OK for a first timer thanks to all the advice everyone

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I did this once for some plants that I’d placed in soil that was too rich and after a short time they were getting toxic. The leaves were super dark green and I didn’t want to throw them into flowering with so much nitrogen in the soil.

I soaked the soil pot in RO water until the soil was loose and then took the root ball out of the pot in a large container of the RO water. I carefully massaged the root ball until almost all the soil had fallen away from the root ball and to the bottom of the container. Only soil left was the more solid pieces of bark/compost that the roots had penetrated. Each plant was then transferred to a 5 gal container with a top I had made so it would hold the plant up and secure it well. Added LOW PPM (450-500) RO with a pH around 5.8 to 6.2. I used an air pump and air stones to keep the water well oxygenated. They didn’t even wilt and was producing huge amounts of nice white roots in no time.

Lesson learned about making my soil too rich!

Is there a reason that you need to move them out of the soil?

Your plants are flowering and I would not recommend this for them. No need to risk putting them into shock!

If you are growing in Coco you are getting the same results as DWC. Transplanting in flower could result in excess stress and possible hermie your plant not exactly a step to be taken this late in the grow without a definite issue to make it a last resort or unavoidable.

I’m not going to transplant these but my next grow I’m wanting to buy RTF to go in dwc

So can you transplant a RTF from soil to hydro without killing it or putting too much stress on them. I can always go with autoflower seeds just wanting to cut down on time.

Can you clarify RTF? an acronim I don’t use or hear if you are talking Regular type female non feminized plants Reg are far more forgiving feminized can still hermie do to stress and honestly if you wish to get into DWC try it low risk single bucket hedge your bets put the rest in soil. I see very little logic to switching to DWC after a plant is already grown to maturity in soil, start it for dwc in rock wool and grow it’s whole cycle in DWC or don’t bother. Just my opinion if something is working don’t mess with it without a good reason.

just joining in cause I can, did a search for RTF cannabis shows Ready To Flower…

I guess, in the right location, seeds, clones, plants in every stage of growth, whatever else you can imagine available in a free marketplace, is there for sale…and home delivery…


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Here in Washington I can get ready to flower trees 30 inches or better. I was hoping to get these and put in dwc for a week or so then flip my lights.Think I’m just gona go with autoflower though and save any possible headaches.

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how are the RTF’s shipped to you, in soil or as a root ball?
in soil, keep in soil, too much shock to wash the soil away unnecessarily.
as a root ball, that may be perfect for DWC…need more info on Washington stores and what they recommend.

We have to pick up at dispensary but I’m pretty sure their in soil but I guess I need to check with them. Got my plants know from a friend but I want to try some new stuff