Can you top white widow autoflower

I,m a new grower who needs help.

No, no! Do not top any autoflower, ever. Do not take clones from autoflowers, either. Topping does not increase yield with autoflowers. Just let those autoflowers grow from start to finish.


Thanks GrassMaster.I,m going to grow white widow on my deck What size pots should I use?

I usually use a 5 gallon pot for autoflowers. Never transplant an autoflower into a lager pot, always start them in the pot they will live their entire life in.


Thank you very much!

No problem, hope that helped. Happy growing!

Very nice advice. Both transplanting, and cloning cause stress. Stress slows growth and limits yield. :slight_smile: With “Autos”, we are trying to grow as much yield in as short a period of time.


Thanks guys! I want to start them inside. when can I put them outside on my deck.

can you clone a feminized plant?

Feminized – yes, autoflower – no.

I have a autoflower that is 8 weeks old she is full of life still flowers are fair in size I think but fan leaves are not falling off yet so will bud keep getting bigger till all fan leaves die off I did mess up and topped her after the 4th.node it slowed her down but she came back strong and buds seem small is that due to topping

I really wish I had read this thread sooner. I believe I may have recently screwed myself! :triumph:
Great info for next time around though. Thank you.

I believe the “NO TOPPING AUTOS EVER” is misleading…

Done at the correct time (day 16-18) it will not stunt the plant and give you good results. I’ve just read through a 130 page thread in another forum where different growers are getting great yields topping autos. As with photos it is strain dependant how well they do.

So done at the right time with a vigorous strain it most certainly can be done :slight_smile:


I’m glad I opened this thread up. I’m growing my first auto flower right now [Northern Lights] and I’m doing so in an outdoor small space stealth grow. I’ve got a beautiful balcony garden set up and I will be integrating my plants in a camouflaged fashion so that they blend in with the other foliage. My goal was to get the plants growing horizontally through the balcony railing, but I was also wondering about topping. Looks like @arcticGrow has got me thinking now and I’ll be reading more about topping auto flowers. @burton31 - how many days along is your plant? Any thoughts on what you will be doing?

a lot of rules for growing can be broken or modified simply cause the plants are different…it’s whether the positive results can be reproduced grow after grow or was it a fluke?
my understanding with autos is that the time spent in vegging is so short, any time stressing them from topping and not growing is lost time, their veg stage can’t be extended.

if you top, do a journal or keep us posted? you too, @arcticGrow?

@kabongster, this is what I’d been wondering about. My hope was that by using low stress training to gradually guide the plants horizontally through the railing on my balcony I could increase the number of buds. Would you say this is reasonable? Or would I still be risking over stressing my autoflower? Thanks for any thoughts you’re able to share.:slight_smile:

how about we invite @latewood…I haven’t grown an auto, we’ll get his info, or anyone else that reads this thread can join in about LST an auto?

low stress training isn’t no stress, I can’t say for sure. my plans for my auto was…sheer numbers, 8 or 10…let them grow with as little intervention as possible.

Thanks @kabongster. Maybe I`ll try LST with 1/2 my girls and just leave the other 1/2 alone in order to see if there are any noticeable differences. This isn’t just my first grow with auto-flower, it’s my first grow period :wink:.

I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to get to concerned with trying to maximize yield, I’m just going to focus on enjoying the adventure, hopefully producing something consumption worthy at the end, and learning a few things about growing along the way.

Appreciate your thoughts.

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I really like LST’ing my plants…you can do so much when they can be shaped…I just don’t know about autos but if I could grow one horizontally and let all the branches shoot up, I would!!

OK, I’ll be the guinea pig for this. Half will get LST and the other will be left to do their thing. I’ll report back with what I discover. Just starting their 2nd week as seedlings though so we may have to wait a bit before we get any answers :wink:.

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